Usual Places Where Mosquitoes Thrive and How You Can Prevent Them From Becoming Threats

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Relaxing by the deck or having a picnic by the lawn is a great way to spend time outside the house.

But it can be inconvenient if pests like mosquitoes constantly hover around and take a couple of bites at you. Some of these bites could even lead to the transmission of deadly diseases. It can even be more vexing during the summer, when they come out in greater numbers.

Where are mosquitoes frequently found around the home and how do you effectively get rid of them?

Stagnant water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. Stagnant water is an ideal and stable place for their offspring to develop. Virtually any source of stagnant water around your house is a potential mosquito breeding ground — flowerpots, puddles, unattended pails, and even small drinking cups.

Natural areas

Mosquitos often seek shelter in these areas to shield themselves from the elements. Bushes, piles of leaves and small branches are places where they could linger.

If you haven’t attended or maintained a specific area in your front or backyard, chances are that piles of natural debris have gathered there.

Gutters and drains

Specific structures in your home can also become a refuge for mosquitoes. Water frequently passes through gutters and drains and if these areas become clogged with leaves or other debris, the stagnant water will surely attract mosquitoes.

Trash bins

You could find yourself worrying about a lot more than just the stench of garbage. Trash bins without lids on them can invite mosquitoes to settle inside. You can also allow mosquitoes in everytime you dispose of trash and forget to put the lid back on.

trash bins

Preventing mosquitoes from reproducing and setting around your home

  • Clear out stagnant water – Go around your home to check for areas where there is standing water. Drain them and find ways to prevent water from aggregating. For instance, when watering flowers, avoid filling the pots to the brim which allows for excess water to just sit there and gather. If you have pets, make sure to have their food and water bowls are turned upside down when they no longer need to eat.
  • Clean up your front and backyard routinely – Cleaning your home’s outdoor areas will prevent mosquitoes from having ideal places to linger. Regularly trim your bushes and sweep up piles of leaves and twigs. Keep the yard free of debris.
  • Regular gutter and drain maintenance – These are places that are not readily visible and it may take a bit of effort to check and maintain. However, cleaning and unclogging areas like the roof and gutter will save you a lot of trouble from mosquitoes.
  • Clear out trash thoroughly – After taking out the trash, it may be common for you to just leave the bin in a hurry. Make sure that before you put the lid back on, the bin is a clean slate — completely clear of trash, debris, and pests.

Recognizing the areas of your house where mosquitoes might frequent will help in controlling their numbers and mitigating serious threats from the diseases they bring. With weather getting warmer as we approach the summer months, it’s important to be prepared against these pests.

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