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Effective Ways of Extending the Lifespan of Home Appliances

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Carrying out regular maintenance on your home appliances goes a long way in increasing their lifespan, thereby saving on operational and replacement costs. Some appliances are quite easy to maintain and repair through simple DIY remedies. For more complex cases, professional assistance is highly recommended. To avoid costly repairs or replacements, here are some pointers to help extend the lifespan of your appliances.

Proper Cleaning of Freezers and Refrigerators

Like other home appliances, freezers and refrigerators efficiently function when they are clean. It is, therefore, advisable to ensure that the condenser coils in your fridge are clean at all times to avoid the buildup of mold due to leftovers.

In regards to freezers, experts recommend defrosting the unit annually using a plastic or wooden scrape as opposed to sharp instruments, such as knives, that may result in damages and injuries. In cases where the airflow in the coils is restricted, the fridge can overheat and consequently break down. You may need appliance repair service professionals to come to your home in Bountiful or Salt Lake City. So, it’s best to defrost your freezer timely and clean it regularly.

Scrubbing of Ovens

Whether you settle for a gas or electric oven, the secret to extending its lifespan is proper cleaning. Since ovens repeatedly deal with dirt in the form of food debris, they require thorough scrubbing to get rid of food scraps around the burners. As a precautionary measure when cleaning ovens, you should avoid direct spraying of the cleaning fluid since it may result in a short circuit on the control panels. Instead, apply the cleaning agent on a rag when cleaning the surface.


Proper Maintenance of Dishwashers

Poor use and maintenance will result in breaking down and conking out of the dishwashers. To mitigate this, you should avoid overloading the dishwasher to facilitate easy cleaning of dishes and prevent damages to the unit. Considering that power surges can damage the dishwashers, especially if they are strong, it is advisable to install a surge protector.

Regular cleaning of the dishwashers is vital to avoid a buildup of dirt on the gaskets that may cause damage and leakages. Replacing a dishwasher is quite a costly undertaking, hence the need to be careful when cleaning it.

Protecting your Washing Machines

Washing machines often break down due to overloading that interrupts the standard cleaning cycle. Jamming of washing machines will cause a strain on the drive components, such as washer’s motors and transmitters, and lead to damages. Make sure that washers have the recommended amount of load to avoid off-balances and jamming.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy using your home appliances for a longer duration, which in turn saves you money. While it is possible to carry out a minor repair on the appliances, be sure to call an expert for unusual leaks and noise to avoid a recurrence of the problem. A good appliance repair expert will carefully asses, diagnose, and fix the problem on time and within your budget.

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