The Middle Ground Between Summer and Winter Seasons

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Flip-flops, cocktails, and beaches. Boots, hot chocolate, and fireplaces. These are only some of the iconic representations of the summer and winter seasons all over the world. Heatwaves and snow may seem like two very different natural elements because they are. But they are also more alike than you think.

Most people flock to the beaches or public pools during summer to seek relief from the glaring sun rays and soak in the cool water. Those who have the privilege to go abroad tend to visit tropical countries to have memorable adventures during their summer vacation.

On the other hand, people tend to visit snowy mountaintops and ski resorts in winter. Athletic individuals take advantage of the peaks to practice skiing or snowboarding tricks, while some prefer to settle under the warm covers and escape the cold winds outside.

The stark contrast between these two seasons is far too evident to mistake them for something else. It leaves little to wonder if they have anything in common, seeing how different they are. But you might be surprised to hear about these four similarities:

You will need to change your wardrobe

When the summer heat rolls around the corner, you tend to keep your coats and windbreakers for more free-flowing clothes. You’ll bust out the cotton shirts, linen polo, denim shorts, and tank tops. You will also be replacing your boots with comfier shoes, like sandals and sneakers.

This is because you have to adapt to the weather conditions. You will be reserving the long coats and overalls for autumn or winter when the winds are colder and snow is falling. But with the unbearable heat of the summer months, you will need to adjust your wardrobe and wear lighter clothing.

And long after summer has gone, you can go back to wearing in your hoodies and sweatpants because those are better than having your legs shiver in the cold. As the seasons switch from hot to cold and back to hot, so will your clothing style.

You will have to make sure your house is comfortable

Amid seasons changing, the only thing constant is your home. It provides you with a roof to shade you from the sun’s intense rays during summer and walls to keep you warm during the coldness of winter.

So you will have to make sure that your house can accommodate the changing of seasons. Your best friend will be your house’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC). This will allow you to raise the thermostat in cold months and blast the air conditioning during the hotter months.

However, like all systems, the HVAC will also need regular tune-ups to ensure that it won’t break down when you need it the most. In the unlikely case that it falters, you should find a contractor who can do an HVAC system repair to make sure that your home can be comfortable in any season.

You will crave drinks to quench your thirst


All over the world, people associate drinks with special occasions and events. For instance, drinking champagne symbolizes a celebration worthy of extravagance, such as an engagement proposal or hitting a milestone in business.

In this same way, people can associate certain drinks with seasons. During the summer seasons, you often crave refreshing and fruity drinks that can take your mind off the heat. Drinks like ice-cold lemonade, cocktails, or beer are perfect beverages that can quench your thirst and cool your body.

During the winter seasons, people crave something hot to warm their bodies instead of drinking cold beverages. That’s why a steaming cup of hot chocolate is a welcome drink during winter, but not during summer. It really is all about the contrasts when it comes to drinking preferences.

You will need to use both sunscreen and moisturizer

In summer, people apply sunscreen before they go to the beach because it serves as protection from the heat. Sunscreen lessens the possibility of getting sunburns and skin cancer because it allows the ultraviolet rays to ricochet instead of being absorbed into the skin.

On the other hand, people tend to use moisturizers and lotions during winter because that’s how they avoid their skin from drying out from the cold winds. Applying both moisturizer and lotion can keep the skin hydrated, which lessens the possibility of the skin cracking under extreme coldness.

But actually, it’s better to use both sunscreen and moisturizer all year round instead of just during those seasons. This is because the ultraviolet rays from the sun are always harmful when you’re exposed to it for a long duration, and any environment that is too hot or too cold can dry out the skin.

Summer and winter have similarities that extend past the reasoning that they are both seasons. You might never have noticed these similarities before because they still represent two ends of the same spectrum, but these are too entertaining not to acknowledge.

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