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Careers to Pursue If You Are an Extrovert

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The minute you enter a room, you have no qualms talking to the stranger you find standing or sitting next to you. At any party, you know everyone and introduce people to each other. You have friends from different circles, and the number of acquaintances you know could easily win you a seat on the city council. You are a bona fide extrovert. And that’s worth rejoicing about.

If you are set to join the workforce, or you’re already in it and looking to maximize your extroversion for the benefit of your career, some professions will fit you like a glove. These careers require an outgoing personality, on top, of course, of other competencies. Here are some of them.

Medical profession

The medical industry has an array of suitable jobs for extroverts. It depends on how long you’re willing to stay in school. If you don’t mind a decade of studying, aim high and be a doctor. You need to be an extrovert to be an effective physician dealing with patients from all walks of life.

As for less obvious options, there’s lead generation officer, for instance. Basically, you’ll be in charge of looking for prospective clients for private clinics. That requires a lot of talking to strangers.

Media practitioner

You cannot succeed in media if you’re shy and reserved. Think Oprah Winfrey. She’s all out with her personality and humanity, making you feel like she’s your close friend. That schtick has earned her billions.

However, being in front of the camera isn’t the only career route you could take in the media industry. You could also choose to be in charge of the happenings behind the scenes. You will be dealing with all sorts of personalities from starlets with star complexes to moody writers.

Marketing and public relations

Marketing professionals are go-getters. They have goals set firmly, and they will do whatever it takes to achieve those goals. They are tasked to sell a brand or product. And selling requires a lot of chumming with the right people. As an extrovert, that’s right up your alley.

The same goes for public relations officers. Their job is to make a person or an organization look good in the eyes of the general public. That means your job entails knocking on the doors of stakeholders that will ensure that that goal gets done.

Teaching and education

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If you were asked who your favorite teacher is, your answer will likely be the most energetic and alive when delivering lessons. Those teachers who are too timid probably bored you to death.

Yes, teaching necessitates a certain level of extroversion. Regardless of who you’re teaching, toddlers or Ph.D. students, you need to be able to muster the you that never fails to get and sustain a room’s undivided attention.

Human resources

Human resource officers are tasked to hire employees. They either work as part of an organization or for third parties providing staffing needs to businesses. Either way, their mission is to assemble a winning team.

That job cannot be done if you lack the necessary communication skills. As an extrovert, communication is something you’ve perfected. You can definitely conduct an interesting interview that’ll loosen up your interviewee in a way that makes the task at hand easier.

Social work

If you are an extrovert with a passion for social justice, this is your cup of tea. Social work runs the gamut. There are many causes and many organizations championing them. You can either do social work for the government or social work for non-profit organizations. Whichever route you take, you will have a fulfilling career where you get to make a change in one way or another. Your extroversion will allow you to connect with people in the most honest way.

It never hurts to be around a self-confessed extrovert. Even an introvert appreciates being best buddies with an extrovert. That means the former can recoil into their shell while letting the latter do all the talking whenever they are in social gatherings. Everybody wins.

Meanwhile, in workplace settings, extroverts are a breath of fresh air. They often serve as icebreakers with their indomitable energy. Even amid high-stress situations, they find a way to lift up people’s spirits. As a result, everyone gets to refocus on the goal that needs to be achieved.

And that’s aptly rewarded too. Studies have revealed that professionals on the high-earning end of the spectrum are comprised mostly of extroverts. No, your zest for life does not go to waste.

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