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The Lifestyle of Successful CEOs and What to Learn from Them

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Chief Executive Officer, also known as CEO, is one of the biggest titles anyone can have in their lifetime. CEOs have the responsibility of making executive-level decisions to strengthen the company’s growth. They serve as the mediator between the company and its shareholders. Ultimately, being the CEO of a company gives you the most influence in your company’s actions. You get to be at the forefront of everything, and your employees will always look for your leadership.

But how do the best CEOs from all over the world live their lives, knowing that they have such a stressful job? Well, they actually live their life normally. Their lifestyle is not necessarily extravagant, even if they are considered some of the highest-paid individuals. It’s how they carry on their lives as leaders that makes them different.

Jeff Bezos

Everyone knows Jeff Bezos because you’d probably bought something from him. In case you don’t know, he is the founder of the colossal e-commerce giant Amazon and its CEO. Amazon made $96.15 billion in revenue last year, and Jeff Bezos himself earned at least 11.1% of that, even more. Believe it or not, he earns at least $311 million a day. That’s almost impossible to achieve in an average lifetime. But how does Bezos live his life exactly? And what can you learn from him?

Bezos works just like every other American, perhaps even harder. Aside from that, he lives a remarkably normal life. But there is something that he does differently than most people, and that is he considers his bedtime the most crucial time of the day. In an interview with SCMP, Jeff Bezos claimed that his bedtime is when he doesn’t want to be disturbed. It’s odd to think that being the head of one of the richest and the busiest companies in the world gives him enough time to sleep when most Americans do not have the same luxury. Bezos claims that his ability to have a good night’s sleep is through prioritization.

Jeff Bezos is a man who prioritizes what he needs to get done in the day, so he doesn’t have to do it later at night. He also accepts that he can’t do everything for his company. He can only do his responsibilities as the CEO, and everything else is up to his employees. Such a way of thinking keeps his mind at ease every night. It should also be the way you should think.

Insomnia is comorbid with anxiety disorders, and anxiety disorders are among the leading mental illnesses in the US. One of the prime reasons why anxiety disorder is so prevalent among Americans is that they overthink the unforeseeable future. Such a lifestyle is detrimental to one’s mental state because thinking of something you don’t have control over only makes you worry even more. Instead, think of something you can do every day, the same way Jeff Bezos does, and maybe you can have the same sleep routine he does.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is Jeff Bezos’s rival and one of the world’s wealthiest CEOs. Elon Musk owns tech company Tesla and space company SpaceX. Tesla’s net worth is valued at $773 billion this year, while SpaceX is valued at $46 billion. Elon Musk’s net worth is initially what he earns from his two most-valued companies. However, since he invests back the majority of his earnings back to these companies, there’s not much to be had left. There’s much to learn from this, especially how one should invest their financials in something worthwhile.

As human beings of the modern age, people like to invest. Whether they’re aware of it or not, they invest in businesses, people, and ourselves. It’s part of the norm, and it’s part of everyone’s lifestyle. However, they tend to count our riches before they come to fruition. By doing so, they jeopardize their investments, ruining each one of them in the process. Musk’s structure with his companies is that he only gets paid when he reaches certain milestones. This leaves him no room to appreciate his investments while he is making them. He can only appreciate them once he reaches his goals.

This should be people’s priority with their investments. They should only count our success once they have reached them and not celebrate before that. They should have a sense of control over themselves, even with how much money they have.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is considered one of the best CEOs in the world, even up to this day. His standard for leadership has led Apple to the multi-trillion dollar company people now know today. But what does Steve Job do differently with his life compared to other CEOs out there? Well, Jobs leads in the frontlines.

Steve Jobs has been known to be at the forefront of Apple’s developments when he was still alive. He was part of the crew that produced the first iPhone, and he was also the one who developed the first MacBook. He worked hard with others. Many believe that his leadership style facilitated the growth of others. That he made his employees grow as individual persons within his company.

What he did back then is now coming to fruition. Apple is one of the biggest and richest companies out there. It sports the most-advanced equipment that technology has to offer. However, you can learn from Jobs and his lifestyle to facilitate others’ growth while also facilitating your own.

People must grow with others, especially if they are looked upon as leaders. Jobs did this appropriately by investing time and effort in his employees. You should consider doing the same with your friends and family members because, in the end, they will be the ones who will carry on your legacy.

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