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Living in Miniature: Great Ideas for Tiny Homes

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There is an adage that goes: “A man’s home is his castle.” But what happens if his castle is somewhat small? Could he still be happy?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average size of a family home sold in the United States back in 2015 was 2,520 square feet. However, there’s a trend that’s about to change that: tiny homes. Most of these tiny homes are no larger than 600 square feet. According to HGTV, many of these houses are scaled on trailer beds and range even smaller at just 96 and 160 square feet (ca. 15 m²). Many Americans who have downsized their homes by more than 75 percent say they have experienced positive changes in their lives.

The tiny house trend has picked up in recent years, especially among the young and single demographic. Not only is it small and mobile, but many owners cite the low mortgage rates they have because of their decision to go tiny.

What’s great about building a tiny house is that it can be built according to your lifestyle and budget, with costs ranging from $10,000 to $180,000.

Once you have decided to make the change and move to a tiny house, you have to cooperate and work with your local zoning officials to ensure that you stay within the zoning laws. Ready to make the change? Here are some tiny home decorating ideas that you want to try.

1. Storage Requires Creativity

One of the biggest challenges in owning a tiny home is space. Moving into your new tiny home would involve a lot of decluttering, and you may want to give up some things you can live without. While you will have closets and cabinets, you will need a little more creative thinking in adding storage to your living space. It will be a challenge to add storage everywhere, so you will have to consider different options, whether it is buying additional shelves or storage to an existing piece of furniture.

2. Accessories go a long way

Bring in some traditional design elements that make you feel at home. Use throw pillows or wall decor; they can certainly go a long way and personalize your space. These furnishings and design pieces add a little spice to your space and will make your tiny home feel more comfortable.

3. Customize your tiny home according to your needs

While tiny homes indeed embrace the minimalist lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that you cannot customize it according to your needs. It is possible to have a tiny home to have all the amenities to meet your long term goals. You can enjoy the advantages of mobility and minimalism of your tiny house without sacrificing your long term goals.

4. Choose Items that Offer Function and Aesthetic Value

One challenge you might have is choosing the right furniture that will have the right aesthetics for your home. It’s important to choose pieces that will not only add form but functionality as well, especially if they could be modular pieces or storage areas.

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5. Let your furniture carry the room

While it may be tempting to bring out the knickknacks to decorate your new home, a rule of thumb would be to put function first into the great scheme of things, or in this case, design. Before you bring out the decorative bowls and paintings, bring out the essentials like a sofa, a coffee table and a bed. Once you have set all these into place, the rest will follow.

6. The Fewer Choices, the Better

One of the positive changes that tiny homeowners have found is that they have fewer and easier choices each day. This means that you will have to declutter before your move, including having fewer clothes and accessories to pack. When you make the move, be sure only to bring the essentials such as classic pieces that you can wear with everything. Having fewer choices may seem drastic, but it can give you a chance to be more creative when it comes to your outfits.

Living in a tiny house is certainly out of the standard, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work. For many people who choose to live the tiny house lifestyle, they find that they are no longer oppressed by the standards society has set for them. Once you have embraced the tiny home lifestyle, you can bet that it is a liberating experience and will make you appreciate things on a deeper level.

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