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The Cosmetic Surgery Boom: Understanding the Trends

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Cosmetic surgery involves a long list of both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that aim to enhance or reshape certain features of the body to improve a person’s appearance and eventually their level of confidence.

The most appropriate candidates for these types of procedures are healthy individuals who don’t only have a positive outlook but also have realistic expectations post-surgery. It’s a personal choice that should be done as self-improvement, not to fit in and achieve an ideal image or please other people.

As it involves a number of risks, it isn’t uncommon for many to feel nervous when considering going under the knife. However, the conservatism that used to surround this topic is quickly losing ground. The popularity of cosmetic surgery continues to surge every year.

In fact, there’s a 119% increase in the number of Americans who underwent cosmetic surgery from 1997 to 2005. Not only is it becoming popular; it’s also fast becoming mainstream thanks to the media and easier access to information.

Here are some of the “hot topics” regarding cosmetic surgeries.

Brow lifts have come a long way

In the past, getting a brow lift involves getting slit from one ear to another across the top of your head. But now, that’s no longer how it works. A technique called endoscopic brow lift has become the go-to technique used by many surgeons.

This procedure requires only a few small incisions and a shorter time for recovery, making it the more preferred choice. Some patients with specific conditions, such as those with significant brow drooping, are still recommended to choose the traditional coronal brow lift.

Most of the time, brow lifts are performed in conjunction with other facial enhancement surgeries such as eyelid surgery here in Denver or a facelift. If you’re considering getting a brow lift, doctors recommend doing it when you’re younger to achieve better results.

Lipo is still the most loved

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For a decade now, liposuction still remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States. Whether the procedure is performed alone or in combination with other types of cosmetic procedures, a liposuction is done to achieve one thing: to remove unwanted fat.

It’s popular, but it’s not without a limit. While it’s known to be highly effective in areas that have soft and loose fats, such as the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, it doesn’t work as well in certain body parts that have fibrous fats. These include the back and the breasts.

Among the many procedures that only continue to increase every year, body lifts are becoming one of the fastest-growing areas of cosmetic surgery. This procedure involves reshaping and contouring the body after an incredible weight loss.

The increase of interest in this procedure goes along with the growth of weight loss surgeries in the US. For many, it is considered the last step in their journey – to get rid of the remaining signs of their former lives before the surgery.

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