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A New Home for Your Car: Some Garage Improvement Ideas

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People often just leave their garage alone, and I think that is a big waste. Garages have a great amount of space that you can use. Instead of using it only as a car storage space, you can get more from it. Plus, simple improvements can upgrade the garage’s security properties. For homeowners who want to get some value from their garages, here are some great upgrades to try.

Change the Doors

The first thing you can do is to replace the doors. There are several experts that can install new garage doors in Farmington, Utah, and nearby areas. Most garages start out with basic wooden doors. There are several ways you can upgrade that. One of them is changing the material.

You may want steel doors to better withstand the elements so that you don’t have to replace it in a few years. You may also want to add some insulation to the door so that when you are inside, you don’t feel the heat. You can also install better locks and an automatic garage opener.

Improve the Flooring

Now that you’ve fixed up the door, it is time to go in and fix things. You can start with the floor. Most people just leave their garage floors to be plain concrete. But you can do better than that. Apply a layer of epoxy, so the floor gains a bit of gloss. This coating is also perfect in keeping the dirt and grime off. All you need to do is a bit of mopping and wiping. After that, your garage floor will look as great as ever.

Look to the Ceiling

Empty garageMany garage designs have some extra ceiling space. If you are lucky to have one, then you can use that space as a loft. Imagine a better storage space than the floor of your garage. It will also essentially double the space of your garage. Installing a loft is a major move though, and you will want a professional contractor to do it so it won’t suddenly fall.

Organize the Storage Space

Garages often end up being additional storage spaces for a home. This is where the stuff that you don’t want to have in the house ends up. Don’t just leave it all a mess though. Organize it so that you can easily find things in the future. Put all of it by the wall or set up some shelves. This way, everything is accessible.

Add a Few Windows

Garages often lack ventilation. An easy solution to that is to just add a few windows. Besides allowing air to flow, it will also allow natural light to come in. This is much better than depending on a light bulb all the time. When you install a window, remember to add locks though so that you can better secure your garage.

The main reason you have a garage is to keep your car safe. The upgrades to your garage listed above take that purpose and add to it. Now, you can do more with your garage while also knowing that your car is safe inside it.

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