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Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself: Taking the Easy Way Out is Okay!

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The gratification you feel after working hard to achieve something will remain unmatched. But you should know that you don’t always have to take the long, grovelling route to get what you want. Sometimes, taking the easy way out can be just as rewarding — if not more.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the easy way out:

Reason #1 You’ll Save Time

If you’re looking to save time, taking the easy way out is definitely the way to go. Why waste your valuable time struggling with something when you could be spending that time doing something you enjoy?

For instance, if you know that you’re already strapped for time because of a deadline you have at work, you shouldn’t force yourself to cook in the morning and bring food from home. Instead, consider ordering your meal from a nearby lunch restaurant and save yourself the hassle. This way, you can have more time to focus on your work and meet your deadline without extra stress.

There will be other opportunities to skip eating out and cook a meal from scratch, but in this case, it’s more important to save time so you can perform your best at work. Besides, your time is a precious commodity, and you should always use it in a way that benefits you the most.

Reason #2 You’ll Save Energy

Likewise, taking the easy way out will also help you conserve energy. Everyone has limited energy to expend each day, so why not use it wisely? By taking the easy way out, you can use your energy for more important things — like taking a nap or spending time with loved ones.

Of course, taking a shortcut isn’t always the answer. But if you find yourself struggling to complete a task and you know that it’s taking up too much of your energy, it might be time to consider an easier option. Suppose you’re moving to a new apartment and must transport all your belongings.

You could either rent a truck and do it yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you. In this case, hiring a moving company would make more sense because it would save you both time and energy. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging any of your belongings in the process.

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Reason #3 You Won’t Have to Deal with Frustration

Dealing with frustration is never fun. When you take the easy way out, you can avoid frustrating situations altogether. This means less stress and a more positive outlook on life because you’re not constantly dealing with negative emotions. This also means you can live a more productive and fulfilling life.

Imagine that you’re trying to put together a piece of furniture, but it’s not going as smoothly as you had hoped. You can either continue to struggle with it and get frustrated, or you can step back, take a deep breath, and consider another method. Maybe there’s an easier way to do it that you’re not seeing.

Or maybe you could ask a friend or family member for help. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of wisdom and strength. After all, there’s no shame in admitting that you need assistance, especially when it’ll help you avoid frustration.

Reason #4 You Might Get More Done

Contrary to popular belief, taking the easy way out can sometimes help you get more done. How? By eliminating distractions and helping you focus on what’s important. So if you’re looking to be productive, taking the easy way out might just be the way to go since it can help you stay focused.

Suppose you’re trying to finish a project for work, but you keep getting sidetracked by things that are unrelated to the task at hand. In this case, it would be more productive to take the easy way out and eliminate those distractions. This might mean turning off your phone or logging out of social media so you can focus on the task at hand.

It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the best method to get more done is to take the easy way out and eliminate your roadblocks. After all, there’s no use in struggling to complete a task when there are easier and less time-consuming methods.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether taking the easy way out is worth it. But don’t let anyone tell you that you’re lazy or unproductive just because you choose to take the easy route every once in a while. So, choose your battles wisely — it might just be the best decision you ever make.

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