Stop These Everyday Habits for Healthier Hair

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We often believe that the greatest culprits to hair damage are too much styling. All the blow-drying, coloring, straightening, and curling must be the reason for dry, brittle hair. While those aren’t wrong, the information is a little incomplete.

Some of the biggest problems that keep hair from being strong and healthy are simply daily practices. Everyday habits that are meant to keep hair clean and presentable could be bad when done too often.

If you’ve already made some major mistakes, don’t lose hope. Laser hair treatments help restore what you lose painlessly. Good treatment and care can revive your hair and make it good as new.

In case you’re still not sure if you may be making mistakes, we’re here to help you sort those worries out. Check out this list and see what you can change today.

Mistake #1: Hot Showers

Hot showers may be relaxing for you, but not for your hair. Showering with hot water may easily remove dirt from your scalp, but it also strips hair of its natural oils, which dries it out. This makes hair more brittle and prone to breakage.

Solution: Cold waters are too uncomfortable, so don’t worry, that is not the solution we are posing! Instead, find a good compromise between hot and cold and shower in lukewarm water instead. It feels much better than a biting cold bath, and it helps close your cuticles and shut the dirt out.

And hot water is not completely out of the picture, either. Should you want to have a hot bath, just make sure it isn’t too scalding. Then finish up with a cold rinse to close your hair cuticles.

Mistake #2: Blow-drying Your Hair

Just like the heat from your hot showers, heat from blow-drying your hair dries it out. Similarly, other styling tools such as your straightening iron and curlers inflict damage when you use them every day.

Solution: If you blow-dry to dry your hair, then it is best to simply air-dry instead. During the days when you have no time to let it dry naturally, use a heat protectant spray before touching your hair with any tool.

For days when you want to style it, learn heatless techniques to achieve similar results. Of course, no-heat methods will not give you hair completely identical looks to their heat-styled counterparts, but they will give a more natural feel.

Mistake #3: Shampooing Every Day

It is no question that keeping your hair clean is a must to maintain its health. But there is such a thing as overwashing it, so be careful! Stripping away your hair’s natural oils will make your scalp flakier.

SolutionHow often you wash your hair actually depends on the kind of hair you have. Dry hair can go for longer without washing, while oily hair needs to be washed every other day or daily, depending on how oily it is. You should opt for sulfate-free shampoos to avoid damage and use a dry shampoo when needing to take a second shower after physical activities.

Mistake #4: Not Conditioning Your Hair Enough

Conditioning is just as important as washing your hair. When you don’t condition your hair, you don’t help it receive the moisture it loses every time you wash it. (Yes, your hair loses moisture every time it is washed!)

Solution: There are different kinds of conditioners in the market. There are your regular conditioners that you must use every single time you wash your hair. There are also leave-in conditioners that are great for use on dry hair weekly.

Deep conditioners, on the other hand, are those that you keep in your hair for around 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing. These should be used at least twice every month. If you have extremely damaged hair, once a week is better.

Mistake #5: Tying Your Hair Too Tightly

Tight, high ponytails are a quick way to give yourself a chic look, but they also stress your hair out quite a bit. Terrible cases of frequent tight ponytails can result in traction alopecia or hair loss due to regular hair pulling.

Solution: Let your hair down! Take some days off to enjoy the natural beauty of your hair. On those days when you have to tie it, change it up by doing low ponies or loose ties that don’t put too much stress on your hair.

Whatever you change or keep in your current hair habits, just remember that it is never too late to start making good decisions for your hair.

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