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What You Should Have in Your Hair and Makeup Kit

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Studies show that the beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s plastic waste. And we don’t need statistics for us to know this: Do a lap in your local drugstore and check the kind of packaging in the products you see there. Nine times out of ten, it will be made of plastic. And since we’re currently contending with a climate emergency, it’s a great time to show solidarity by being mindful of our personal consumption. Not only will we be doing our small part, but we will also be doing our finances a massive favor.

These are the only things you need for a basic but complete capsule beauty kit.


Primer exists to keep makeup on your face for the rest of the day—everything else is just marketing. If you already have your skincare essentials on lock, like your cleansing balm, toner, moisturizer, and SPF, then your primer will work to ensure that your makeup does not break down during the day. Choose a primer that works well for your skin’s needs: If your skin is more oily, go for a mattifying primer. If your skin is on the dryer side, choose primers that claim to provide moisture and glow.

Holy grail foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer

Those YouTube beauty gurus are lying to you: You don’t need five different foundations. If you find one that works well for your skin, long-lasting, and sits well for hours on end, it’s OK if that’s the only bottle or tube you have in your kit. You don’t need to mix three foundations to get your perfect blend—cosmetic technology has improved so much that you’re bound to find that one holy grail product that will meet all of your requirements. Get testers at your local makeup stores to find the perfect formula for you.

Medium-coverage concealer

A medium-coverage concealer is perfect because you can add a couple of dots to remove imperfections, but you can also build it up if you want to brighten up your under eyes. Go for a slightly lighter color with a peach hue to neutralize the blues and gray in your eye bags, if you have any.


Choose a hypoallergenic setting powder that you can dust onto your face without having to worry about flashbacks or white casts. If you’re the type to find liquid formulas a bit heavy for your tastes, a powder foundation might be your best bet since it provides coverage without the sticky feeling of liquid or cream foundation.

Face palette

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You don’t need a separate product for your contour, bronzer, highlighter, and blush—there are plenty of high-quality face palette options in the market that can give you what you need all in one package. Choose a palette that has a pink or peachy shade for your blush, a cool-toned brown for your contour, a shimmery skin-tone shade for your highlighter, and a warm-toned brown for your bronzer. And presto! You have everything you need to sculpt your face without having to grab multiple products. And if you really want a minimalist beauty kit, this palette can even work as an eye shadow palette, too.

Brow product

If your brows are more sparse, a thing brow pencil is your best friend. If you have more fuller brows that need taming, brow mascara is the only thing you need. Choose colors that match your hair, but cooler-toned or ash-colored brows are generally more flattering against any skin tone.

Your perfect MLBB

Choose your perfect my lips but better (MLBB) shade for your only lippie. Go for a shade that does not wash you out but brings out the glow in your face. Choose a creamy yet pigmented traditional lipstick and try to avoid the dry, flaky liquid lips of years past.

Multi-functional hair tool

A ceramic straightening tool or brush is a worthy investment because it can straighten or curl your hair. You need to find the right setting and tricks to get your hair to go in the direction you want it to. This tool can help you create waves and flips, and it can also provide you with smooth, silky, and polished hair. The best part is that the material used takes half the time it usually takes to style your hair.

While opting for a smaller beauty collection won’t necessarily end climate change, it feels good to know we are one with those who are fighting for our planet. Choose products that you love and can last you for a long time. Your wallet will thank you for the significant decrease in your beauty spending.

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