So you want a dynamo dentist?

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Dental clinics can meet the needs of many things to many people, whether it is a simple check-up you are after or the perfect place to get your teeth whitened…a good dentist is of the utmost importance to oral health and wellbeing.  If you have just moved into a new area, or simply want a change, what should you be asking yourself when you need to look for a new practice?

Let your fingers do the walking!

If you are moving to a new area, especially to a larger place like London, the internet is your friend.  You need to familiarise yourself with the locations of each dentist you are researching and decide whether you would prefer a clinic near to your work, close to your home or right by a place you frequent a lot, like a gym.

What treatments do you think you may need?

You may just be interested initially in finding a clinic for regular dentistry, such as for a check-up or good teeth clean. But if it is Hollywood white smile that you are after or you have had a tooth knocked out playing squash, it may be more cosmetic dental treatments that you have in mind.  So research thoroughly which dentists offer a wide range of options for your needs and why not ask any family or friends in that vicinity who they recommend?

Oral health can be connected to overall health

Any dentist worth his salt will always ask you not just about the health of your teeth, but also about any medical history and general health.  Oral health can be a good indicator as to whether there are any other issues going on with the body.  Any dental practitioner should be making you aware as to how best organise your oral hygiene regime.

little girl with misaligned teeth

Money money money

Have an idea of budget and how much you are happy to spend on any treatments.  Finding a good, but cheap dentist is not easy. Very often getting a ‘deal’ may mean you end up paying more for treatment to amend any bad dental work in the long run!  It is always beneficial to have information about costs and treatments up front, so you have the whole picture to work with whilst you are making your dental choices.

Do you have a fear of the dentist?

If you are a nervous patient, make sure to add this fact to your list of questions to be answered when researching dentists near you. There are many dental professionals who are experienced in dealing with those who have a fear of having any oral treatments done and this will usually be highlighted on their website.

And finally, welcome to happy smile heaven!

So do your thorough research, take advice about a recommended dentist and trust your gut instincts. This will allow you to feel much more confident about your first dentistry visit and your road to happy smile heaven will be complete!

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