Cosmetic Dentistry in Clapham

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Rich history

Clapham is a metropolitan district in the centre of London, highly revered for its local amenities and strong sense of community, as well as it’s rich and diverse history. Some of the notable early residents of Clapham include Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy, and cousin of Captain James Cook, Isaac Smith. Smith is commonly hailed as the first European to set foot on Australian land, around 1770. As well as being steeped in history, contemporary Clapham hosts some of the cities most renowned medical and dental practices which offer treatment city-wide and beyond.

Discrete care

One such practitioner operating out of Clapham is Clapham South Dental Centre who offered bespoke, patient orientated dental care across a range of both cosmetic and structural procedures. Care here is only carried out by a practitioner of the patients choosing, with whom they trust wholeheartedly and share a good rapport. One of the cosmetic services offered here is the installation of discrete orthodontics, such as Clear braces. These are similar to conventional ‘train-track’ braces, which are carbon alloy metal wires which are fused to a patient’s teeth. However the key difference is that these braces are fused using clear plastics that are virtually undetectable from the outside – allowing the patient to undergo dental alignment without attracting unwanted attention. Another, similar orthodontic treatment offered here is Lingual braces, which are again similar to conventional, fused braces – only they are fitted to the back of a patient’s teeth, so are undetectable from the front. Invisalign is another form of discrete orthodontics that is offered here although unlike the others, it is a removable form of treatment so can be undertaken at a patient’s leisure. Invisalign features a custom made mouthguard of a patient’s teeth, constructed from patented SmartTrack® plastic, being worn for a prolonged period of time. When worn, the mouthguard gradually aligns teeth to the specifications set out with their practitioner before treatment began. This form of treatment is particularly popular with teenagers and young adults as it allows them to undergo essential orthodontic work, without peers of colleagues noticing. Treatments such as these can vastly boost a patient’s self-confidence and restore their smiles to their fullest potential.

Facial Rejuvenation

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Another treatment offered at Clapham South Dental, which is not a dental treatment, but rather a cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure, is Botox injections. Botox is a botulinum toxin which works by temporarily freezing the tiny nerve endings in a patient’s face that cause brow-lines and wrinkles – resulting in the patient appearing more youthful. The process of undergoing Botox injections is fairly simple and generally takes around just fifteen minutes before the effects can be seen. Trained professionals, with a certified knowledge of facial muscle structure directly inject the solution into the patients face, and the botulinum works by blocking nerve endings that case movement within the face. Results from Botox treatments can leave patents appearing decades younger, and restore a youthful vitality which they may of long since lost. Botox can last for up to six months – depending on the scale of treatment – and leave patients with a greatly boosted sense of self-confidence and pride in their appearance.

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