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From Drab to Invigorating: Simple Ways to Start a Home-interior Project

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There may come a time in your life when you feel unmotivated. You wake up and feel tired or stuck even if you have only started your day. You may look at some factors like a lack of exercise or a wrong diet. Also, you may blame it on an absence of socialization. All these things are reasonable factors for a person to feel down.

But, one thing you may have not considered is the way your home looks. The design of your house may have a direct effect on your mental health. Do you wake up staring at the same drab wall every morning? The clutter around your house can also make you feel suffocated. Have a look around your space. It could be time for a home makeover for you to find your missing inspiration. Before you dive into big changes, here are some simple starting points.

Consider What You Have

When you think of a home makeover, the practical side of you would not think of a blank slate. It is not like you would dispose of everything you have and replace them with everything new. Study the pieces you have, both furniture and accessories. Which among them you could still use? You can breathe a new life to some pieces you have. For example, you could repaint some of your cabinets or reupholster an old couch.

But in cases when you would like to try new elements on your rooms, think of what you would do with the old ones. You may consider getting in touch with a reliable yet affordable storage company. Putting your items in storage would buy you some time to think of what to do with them. Disposing of them fast may leave you with regrets. When you know that they are safe in a state-of-the-art facility, you would have one worry less of your mind. You can focus instead on your makeover project.

Think of Problem Areas and Feelings

Scan the area you would like to decorate. Think of the reasons why you want some changes. What items are not serving their purpose? There may be some pieces that consume space but have no practical nor aesthetic value. Some elements may also be putting down your mood or hampering your productivity.

Identifying these problem areas is a good start of how you would like your room makeover to pan out. You would focus on creating a more functional and happier space for you to move about.

Also, decide on how you want a particular room to make you feel. Do you want to feel relaxed on it or be more alive as you enter it? Do you want this room to increase your concentration and focus? You would be able to see how you would approach the design of each room by pinpointing an emotion you wish to evoke.

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Gather Ideas

It could be a bit overwhelming to have so many designs running through your head. You could have seen something on the internet that you would like to recreate. A home improvement show might have given you an idea you would like to try out. Remember that not every idea is worth trying.

To help you visualize and organize your thoughts better, create an inspiration board. Gather pictures of designs that you would love to incorporate in your rooms. Analyze them well. Look for a common theme or style. Whittle down the pictures. You may also mix and match as you see fit. Asking the opinion of family and friends could also be helpful at this point.

Choose a Color Scheme

If there is one element in any room that has a strong effect on a person’s mood and mental health, it would be color. There is a thing called room color psychology. Even professional interior designers take note of this. You may be fond of a particular color. But, you need to see if it would work for you if you put it as your room’s color.

Also, aim to decorate with a mix of three colors. The main color goes to the walls. The second one is for the larger pieces like couches and beds. You would also need a pop of color. This is the function of your third color. This color is for accessories such as rugs, flowers, and pillows. Working on a three-color scheme brings a better result than having one or two colors only. You may also work on one color but with three different hues.

When doing a home or room makeover, try to stay as authentic to your personality as you could be. But, also think of the details well. You would not want to redo things because they did not turn out as you expected. When you design your home or a room, aim to blend well your personality, aesthetics, function, and form. Then, you could enjoy a home that uplifts your spirit. A well-designed home also translates to a more comfortable lifestyle.

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