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Pointers for a Seamless Bathroom Remodeling or Renovation

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The bathroom of our homes needs just as much tender loving care as our bedroom, kitchen, living room, and other areas in the home we tend to prioritize more. Our bathrooms are where we wash and cleanse ourselves, making it the most vulnerable to harmful bacteria like mold and mildew.

But our bathrooms don’t just need to be utilitarian; they can also be the place we escape to for some quiet, and they can be furnished so that they’re the areas in our homes we go to for some much-needed relaxation. If you’re dreaming of having a bathroom that reminds you of five-star hotels, here are some essential pointers for a seamless bathroom renovation or remodeling.

Go beyond the surface

It’s one thing to have a design in mind when thinking of having your bathroom remodeled, but it’s also another to go beyond the surface of your bathroom’s aesthetics. If you have never had your bathroom checked for mold growth, consider hiring specialists who can inspect for you.

Another thing to consider is your bathroom drains. We often neglect the reality that we rely on our drains to work properly and just how much trouble clogged drains can cause. Consider hiring skilled plumbers who have state-of-the-art tools like hydro-jetting services to ensure that you are going for the overall health of your bathroom and not just the way it looks.

Settle on a budget

After addressing your bathroom’s health, it’s time to settle on a fixed budget for this project. Having a budget will help manage your expectations, streamline your ideas, and will also set the boundaries of your bathroom’s new design. When you accept what you can and can’t afford, you will have a much easier time deciding the extent of the renovation and which items you want to replace. You will also have more room to be more creative and resourceful with a limited budget!

Go green

The idea of having a sustainable or eco-friendly bathroom may be intimidating for beginners, but it can only benefit you as a homeowner in the long run. Going for green products and materials can help you get your hands on much better design, they tend to perform better, and they might lower your utility bills.

Many products and materials are also safer and chemical-free, which means they are much better for your health. However, keep in mind that sustainable design is not just about the products or materials; it can also mean not tossing an old cabinet into a landfill and repainting or refurbishing it instead.

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Accept what you can and can’t DIY

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your skill level when it comes to DIY. Be honest with yourself about which projects you can take on and which ones are left to the pros. You might want to insist on doing it yourself, but if you do it wrong, you might have to spend more on repairs and fixes in the long run. Look for contractors you can trust by consulting with your family members and friends who have had some home projects done.

Prioritize lighting

How your bathroom is lit will make and break its look and atmosphere. Don’t underestimate just how much lighting can help you achieve your dream bathroom and your goals. Here are some bathroom lighting tips to remember:

  • For your vanity, install sconce lighting at an eye level so that you don’t have to deal with unflattering shadows while getting ready.
  • Make sure you also have a bright light option for when you’re shaving or doing your makeup.
  • For a relaxing bath, add a dim lighting option so that you can light some candles to set the mood.
  • Overall lighting will make your space appear larger. Consider letting natural light in by ditching the drapes or by asking your contractor to make the windows even bigger, especially if privacy is not a problem in your property.

Ventilate properly

Mold and mildew grow in poorly ventilated spaces, especially when moisture is high. This is why proper ventilation is key to the health of your bathroom. Ensure that there is a vent installed that is appropriate for your bathroom’s square footage.

Additional Tips

  • Consider just how much storage you need, and if you truly want to modernize your bathroom, make sure your small items are hidden.
  • Make sure all your hardware looks good together, and consider ergonomics when choosing lever faucets.

Suppose you want another room in your home where you can find some peace, invest in your bathroom. You deserve to have a luxurious bath in a tranquil environment after a long day of work.

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