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Simple Roof Maintenance Strategy to Make Your Roof Last Longer

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The roof is our first defense against the natural elements. When the roof is broken, the rest of the house will follow if it’s not fixed. When the rain and wind enter the house, not only does your quality of life suffers, the structure itself begins to degrade. So how do you make your roof last longer? The good news is, there are simple strategies that you can implement to maintain our first line of defense against the elements. These strategies will work regardless of the material you use—wood, asphalt shingles, or metal roofing. In Salt Lake City, Utah, a lot of homeowners tend to inspect their roofs on their own to find any defects before calling a professional roofer.

Remove the Moss and Algae In Your Roof

In addition to being unsightly, moss and algae keep the roof moist, and this can cause corrosion if you’re using metal and rotting if you’re using wood. These kinds of plants don’t have an elaborate root system, and they need the moisture to attach itself to flat surfaces like concrete and roof. When noticing that there are moss and algae in your roof, you need to take steps to clean it. First, you need to remove the shade because it’s what keeps the part of your roof damp in the first place. This will prevent the moss and algae from coming back because you are removing their source of life. This means trimming down trees that are blocking the sunlight from reaching the roof. The next thing that you need to do is clean your roof. Don’t be tempted to blast it with pressurized water because it will add to the damage by removing the surface granules if you’re using asphalt shingles. Instead, use a garden sprayer and scrub brush.

Regular Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning

While moss and algae require immediate attention, you should also have a regular roof cleaning even if you don’t see these plants growing. Dirt that accumulates can cause corrosion because it traps moisture. This prevents the right amount of sunlight that keeps the roof dry and the house adequately warm. When corrosion sets in, you might not notice that you have a bigger problem because it’s difficult to see it from the surface. It’s only at a closer look that you will notice it like when you’re cleaning the roof.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance is the Job of the Pros

Inspecting and cleaning the roof is a dangerous undertaking. A lot of accidents related to roof cleaning happen every year. You should consider hiring a professional to do this job for you, especially if you’re experiencing dizziness and vertigo. On top of this, a professional roofer knows what to look for and can give you proper recommendations for repair and upgrades. You have to remember that roof maintenance is a significant decision that will cost you money. You need information that only a pro can give to make sure that you’re not wasting precious dollars with the undertaking.

The roof is your first line of defense against the elements. If you fail to maintain it, you will compromise your quality of life and the integrity of your home.

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