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Shabby Chic: The Interior Design Choice of the COVID-19 Season

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2020 was an unexpected year for the whole world. Mandated lockdowns have forced the bigger population to spend a hefty amount of time at home. With much time in their hands, many homeowners played with their living space.

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic is almost under control. Yet, it has left a significant effect on how people approach interior design. More than homes being convenient, we want it to feel cozier and “homey.”

Many people want to see drastic changes in their space. This is why residential and commercial construction services are in demand these days. If the past decade saw industrial interior design rise, this new season will be big on nostalgia.

People in the design industry forecast a rising trend on gentler home designs. As many people have seen the importance of slowing down, this has been reflected in how they want their homes to be. It could allude to their desires to have a simpler life.

A popular interior design style in the season of social distancing is the Shabby Chic. It shows a lived-in, shabby look that is properly curated. The design trend draws inspiration from elaborate, vintage family houses.

Imagine your family home that was once the house of your great grandparents. It has beautiful antique pieces that give personality to space. The furniture is also antique but gives off a fresh and homey vibe.

This is what the Shabby Chic aims to achieve. It pairs simplicity with comforting materials. The colors and textures are not-so-loud and are easy on the eyes.

What makes a space look shabby chic? There’s no need for you to do a full home remodel. If you’re thinking of upgrading your space the DIY way, here’s what you can focus on to get that shabby chic look.

Paint your walls with a neutral color.

A neutral base helps create an illusion of a bigger space. The shabby chic look will go well with off-white, white, and beige tones. It gives off a sleek backdrop for your new homey interior.

Incorporate vintage pieces.

Antique or vintage pieces are at the heart of the shabby chic interior. Choose pieces that have a personality. It will work great on shelves and tabletops.

You can also pick an item of antique furniture as the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom. It can be something given to you by a loved one or something you bought from a thrift store. Choose a piece that looks neat but is also useful.

Bring life to your neutral base by displaying hand-painted floral chinaware. You can also hang a cross-stitched artwork in your living room for a touch of color. Wooden frames will also do the trick.

Bring out your vintage collection.

Are you a fan of trading baseball cards? How about figurines? Those long-forgotten toys of yours have a room in your shabby chic abode.  ;

The shabby chic design balances clutter and space. You can choose a space where you can exhibit your collection. Others use a vinyl box or a wooden shelf to make sure their toys are safe.

Stock up on white linens.

White linens are handy. Whether it’s in your room, your living room, or in your dining area, your white linens make a good accent. A vintage look will pop out with the abundance of whites.  You can use your white linens to cover your grand piano sitting in the living room. It can also give texture to your cozy bedroom. A white velvet carpet will also make your shabby chic interior out of this world.

Choose floral pieces and wooden furniture.

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Floral pieces can lighten up any room. A good start would be to choose floral designs for your dining table mantel or use them for your fancy drapes. They go well with the neutrals and the antique feel of your interiors.

Wooden furniture will also catch the eyes of your visitors. Wooden textures go well with florals and neutrals. It will also give your design a vintage, classy look.

Go for natural lighting.

We may have stayed indoors for so long, but our body still needs natural sunlight. Good, natural lighting will amplify your shabby chic interiors. It enhances colors and blends well with all your shabby items.

If you cannot afford to have natural lighting in your space, opt for blue-enriched lights. These help avoid eye strain while you work from home. It also helps boost your mood, whether you are working or relaxing.

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