Self-care Is the Best Care: Personal Care Product Ideas for Your First Small Business

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There will always be a demand for personal care products in the market because people are continuously finding new ways to take care of themselves. Whether it be by targeting their problem areas with specialized ointments or discovering new cosmetic brands that better suit their style and preference, the beauty and personal care industry will always thrive.

That’s why now will be the best time to enter the industry because enthusiasts are open to trying different brands and products that show potential before sticking to the ones that they like best. And the best part about the beauty and personal care industry is that it isn’t targeted to only one population.

It caters to women, men, and everyone in between who wants their skin improved, their hair luscious, and their beauty enhanced with make-up. That being said, here are a few ideas for beauty and personal care products that you can sell in your first small business:

Body Scrubs

People who want to have smoother, clearer, or softer skin usually use one or a combination of different body scrubs to keep their skin supple. Body scrubs are great for people with dry and flaky skin or those that want to get rid of dead skin cells every few days.

If you want to make your own brand of body scrubs to start your small business, you should research the ingredients that normal scrubs use and identify how yours can differ from them. Create a list of the best ingredients that can benefit all skin types and incorporate them into your product.


You might think that selling shampoo will never be exciting, but it’s a staple product in every household, mainly because it takes care of everyone’s crowning glory — their hair. Not many people give much thought to the kind of shampoo that they use daily, but some take their time in understanding the purpose of shampoo beyond cleaning the hair.

If you’re going to make your own shampoo, you might want to consult expert hair care producers that specialize in the kind of shampoo you want to sell before trying it on your own. Creating a shampoo recipe is much more complicated than a body scrub because more chemicals are introduced into the mix.

You can also dabble in the hype for more eco-friendly products by making your own brand of shampoo bars. These usually contain all-natural or organic ingredients, and selling them can be more profitable in the long run because shampoo bars require no packaging, unlike liquid shampoos.

holding bath bombs

Bath Bombs

Although bath bombs are mostly popular because of how they look and dissolve when placed in water, there are countless benefits that you can gain from a single bath bomb. Besides being customized in pretty colors, bath bombs contain different ingredients that can moisturize and rejuvenate the skin to make it smoother and suppler.

It’s not a necessary item in the bathroom, but a bath bomb enhances the entire bathtub experience, and that’s why it’s a good small business idea. Existing products from big brands may be using certain chemicals to ease their production at the expense of health. But since you’re only beginning to create your brand, you can carefully choose what ingredients to put inside your products and ensure that they all lead to a wise purchase.

If you decide to create a bath bomb, be a smart business owner and learn how to make these with healthier ingredients and fewer chemicals. Improve on the existing products available in the market and bank on the potential to make better products to make your sales.

Whatever product you decide to choose to go with for your first small business, always remember that a customer’s feedback is vital to your growth. Listen to their experiences in using your product and take note of the points you can improve on. Giving yourself some room for failure is also a big part of establishing your business.

Nobody succeeds on their first try, and if you quit on your first failure, you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. That’s why smart business owners are people who are determined to try until they achieve their goals. They don’t give up when there’s still hope.

Work on those business ideas and improve on them until you’re sure that they’re going to sell. And then have the patience to wait for your products to shine in the limelight. You don’t want to be a one-hit wonder; your product should be one that lasts.

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