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5 Bathroom Upgrade Ideas That Won’t Require Renovation

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A room where you can do everything all at once—clean up, think, relax—is the bathroom. Some consider it the only time they have to themselves, while some see going to the bathroom as a necessity.

No matter how different we perceive bathroom activities, one thing is for sure: we’d want the space we rely on to be clean. A clean bathroom is one thing, but a space such as this where everything is comfortable and good-looking? Phenomenal.

Renovating a bathroom may sound like a lot of work but given how most of them aren’t as big as living rooms or bedrooms, modifying them shouldn’t take much time. The problem, however, is that bathrooms always need to be available. No one can risk having their bathroom remodeled for days if they don’t have another bathroom in the house they can use.

That’s something we totally understand. We believe that a bathroom due for a makeover shouldn’t be broken down into scratch and built again to look of feel better, so here are upgrade ideas that won’t require you to do that:

1. Add or change color

Most bathrooms are unified in a single color—and that’s alright. Some prefer to look at their bathrooms as a necessary part of the house and not something that should be spent time on when it comes to designing.

But the longer you use that single-colored bathroom, you start to feel like it’s getting old and boring. You’re thinking of having it repainted, but you don’t want the workload and the time your bathroom won’t be available for regular use.

The good thing is, a pop of color, on the cabinets or a single part of the wall, could make a lot of difference. Upgrading the paint job can be as simple as painting a single part of the bathroom or all four corners.

2. Replace your toilet

Toilets typically last long, but if you start to feel uncomfortable with your current one, there’s no problem changing it. You use the toilet to become comfortable, after all.

The problem might be you not being satisfied with the height, seat, or flush. You may even want to get a new bidet. Tweaking the bathroom little by little is not a problem when you’re planning a big renovation. If the whole room starts to feel like it’s not serving you the way it used to, maybe you need some changes. They don’t need to be quick and drastic—no fret with taking things slow—unless your toilet is overflowing.

modern bathroom

3. Change your shower pressure

Showering is one of the best parts of the day—especially after a long day out sweating buckets. Or just a day out in the coronavirus era. Most of us look forward to showering right when we get home.

But what if your shower is losing its charm? The problem could be your shower’s water pressure—it could be too high or too low, depending on how you feel. If the pressure starts to feel a little heavy on you when you shower, maybe it’s time to tone it down.

4. Change your lighting

With how therapeutic bathrooms are for some—it can also turn hazardous under the wrong circumstances. A slippery floor or even bad lighting can pose a lot of dangers for people using them.

Bathrooms should be well-lit to the point that you can see everything, even the puddles on your clean floor or some pests you may not see if the lights are too dim or placed in areas of the bathroom that aren’t ideal.

Call up an electrician to discuss how you can best wire your bathroom’s lighting for the optimal—and safe bathroom experience.

5. Maximize the storage space

If your bathroom is blessed with a lot of space for storage such as cabinets, make sure you use them. Place your toiletries or skincare products where they should be, so they’ll be right with you once you need them.

Some people also place medicine inside their bathrooms, which isn’t a very good thing to do because the moisture coming from your bathroom’s shower, bath, and sink can damage the quality of those meds you put inside a bathroom cabinet.

Make sure you sure the storage space within the confines of your bathroom for items you use inside the bathroom.

Bathrooms go through a lot, so it’s explainable how quickly their quality changes over periods of usage. Maintaining one shouldn’t be much work unless you want everything done in a single project. But remember that in order to keep one comfortable, regular and proper cleaning is the top maintenance work.

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