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Securing Your Retail Store: What Should You Know?

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The holidays are just around the corner. Retail stores are packed with busy people doing last-minute shopping. But even if the season’s high foot traffic brings you high income, you know it also brings possible security threats. Make sure you have a security plan to protect your business and your clients.

Statistics show an increase in the number of robbery victims across Australia between 2017 and 2018. Armed robbery went up to three percent, while unarmed robbery was up eight percent. Cases of burglary, however, decreased by five percent across the country.

Your shop or business might also become a target of such crimes, especially with lack of security preparedness. Here are a few ways to help you keep your business safe always.

Prepare Your Store for Overcrowding

Determine the maximum occupancy of your store and stay within that limit as much as possible. Busy seasons, however, make it harder for store owners to control the crowd. You have to create a plan that won’t compromise your store operations, but prevent incidents of shoplifting. You need a layout that would create a larger space even if the crowds are large.

You could install automatic sliding door openers designed for commercial properties, for example. This can help your customers and staff to get in and out conveniently. Place security cameras near the entry and exit points to monitor everyone who comes to your store. Put signage inside and out of your store, informing people about the presence of the security cameras.

In case you’re selling small or expensive items, display them in locked cabinets. It would be challenging to monitor them during peak hours when your store is full of shoppers.

Minimise the Risks for Internal Theft

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The holiday rush may force you to hire temporary employees to help handle high foot traffic. For instance, you might need extra cashiers or security personnel, depending on what your business needs. This situation, however, can put your business at risk of internal theft.

When hiring seasonal employees, conduct background checks together with the usual application and interview process. This is crucial is the role requires the applicant to handle sensitive information.

Additionally, set user permissions on your point-of-sale (POS) system. This restricts your staff from doing specific tasks. Work with your POS solutions provider to update permissions in your store.

Training your temp employees is essential to keep them efficient during their time working at your store. Remember they won’t stay for a long time, so they must learn to perform their duties effectively as soon as possible without sacrificing customer experience. It would be best if you also kept all your employees happy so they won’t think of stealing anything from your store.

The holiday season is favourable for retail businesses because of the increased in foot traffic and boost in sales. As you take advantage of this season, however, don’t compromise the safety of your business and your staff. Make sure you prepare your store for the holiday rush and create a robust plan to secure your business while maintaining quality customer service.

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