Safe Sports During COVID-19

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The coronavirus outbreak affected the plans and daily activities of many. A lot of countries have set strict border controls and lockdowns. Vacations, festivals, and other gatherings are also discouraged.

The pandemic has also pushed for the delay of different sporting events, including the Olympics. Despite what the world has faced with the pandemic, it is possible to have fun. We can still do the things we enjoyed but in different ways.

Those who are fond of sports and physical activities have suspended their activities for the sake of safety. However, staying fit should also be a priority. Choosing the right activities and practicing safety measures are the keys.

Which activities are safe during COVID-19?

While we are waiting for things to be back to normal, it is best to adhere to health protocols. Sporting events have been canceled or rescheduled because it might draw in large crowds. This is the same with team plays.

Hosting large events is strongly discouraged these days. You can consult your community health officials before planning these events. However, it is best to stay at home or do safe outdoor activities with less COVID exposure.

A good start is to choose outdoor activities that can be done by one person only. The coronavirus can spread from one person to another, especially in close contact. This means the distance between participants is within 2 meters.

Being in an enclosed space with not-so-good ventilation heightens the risk of transmission. When an infected person talks or sneezes in a place with poor ventilation, it can stay in the air for a while. Others are then exposed to the virus.

Being outdoors where fresh air is present can disperse droplets. As the air is cleaner outside, the risk of getting infected is greatly reduced. It also offers a change of scenery from what was once a cramped space at home.

Going outdoors can also boost one’s mood. Breathing fresh air and being one with nature can help people feel less stressed. It is important to get a dose of vitamin D, too.

You can be active and safe at the same time. There are many activities that you can do, given that you have followed safety protocols. Here are some activities you may want to try while outdoors.


Running is a great activity to keep you in good shape. It is often done outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about choosing a spot to do it. You can choose to run around the neighborhood or in the nearby park.

What makes it safe is that you do not need other players or teammates to run with you. You can definitely do the activity on your own. You can enjoy quality time with nature that does not involve socializing with others.



Golfing is another safe outdoor sporting activity. It is a low-risk activity that is safe to perform even at the height of the coronavirus outbreak. It offers great benefits that are great for one’s mental health.

A known benefit is that golfing can allow for social interaction with other players. Players can properly do social distancing during games. Equipment for games is also not shared, which is another safety measure followed.

Indeed, golf clubs were first closed when the pandemic first hit certain territories. Almost a year after the first lockdowns, the industry is back stronger than ever. The pandemic has indeed encouraged a lot of new golfers and enthusiasts.


Choosing swimming over other sports is a great idea. Transmission of the virus in chlorinated water will not have viability. It is unlikely that someone gets infected while swimming.

It’s a great idea to go to the beach. Another option is to call your swimming pool contractor to do repairs in your indoor pool. Just make sure to keep a distance even when swimming with friends.


Transportation options are still scarce in different parts of the world. This has urged a lot of people to turn to bikes for their urban mobility. Not only is this great for the environment, but it is also good for the health.

It is safe because biking is normally done outdoors. Bikers also have their own bikes to go around. However, bikers who go in groups should still be wary of distancing protocols.

While we wait for the pandemic to be over, we should not let it halt our health and wellness. A healthy sporting activity with low-risk COVID exposure will keep you in your best shape. If you can, do it on your own.

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