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Road to Sobriety: Why Sober Living Facilities are Essential to Your Treatment

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Becoming sober is a process, and for some, it takes years to recover. Good thing, there are sober living facilities and people that have helped them reach their goal. But what are these places, and how can they help?

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a long process and a hard one. You need to find a space and comfortable space for you or your loved one. Among these places are sober living facilities and transitional housing.

If you’re from Scottsdale, you can check out a few places that offer these facilities. But, choosing the right transitional housing in Scottsdale, AZ can make a significant difference in whether you’ll go back to your old ways or fully recover.

What are Sober Living Facilities?

Sober living homes are a group of homes located in a drug and alcohol-free environment. These housing facilities can provide a safe space for those who are still in recovery but are ready to come out to the real world.

Basically, these homes can help patients transition back to society. They have more freedom compared to rehab centers. Residents can usually come and go as they please, but still, need to follow specific rules such as curfews.

Additionally, most transitional housing provides a plethora of activities to keep residents away from going back to their old habits. The community gets together to do these activities and provide support for one another.

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What Can You Expect from these Homes?

Facilities and activities offered can differ from housing to housing. Even the rules are different. However, there are a few common rules in every housing, and the goal is everyone to remain sober. This means residents could never bring in any alcohol and drugs, or even products that can increase the chances of having a relapse.

Most communities will also conduct random drug testing. If you are caught using and drinking again, you will most likely be asked to leave the community to isolate other residents that are still recovering. Violence will also not be tolerated.

Punishments may vary based on the level of your violation.

Besides the rules, you practically live in a place much like your own home. You will be encouraged to find work or attend school and contribute to doing chores.

Sober living facilities are typically cheaper compared to in-house treatment centers.

How Can Sober Living Help You?

With a peaceful, stable, and drug and alcohol-free environment, you or your loved one will be away from the temptations while you’re still recovering. According to studies, a chaotic environment can derail your efforts to recover. Your chances of having a relapse are also higher.

The support you get from other people can also help you feel encouraged to continue your path to sobriety. If you’re feeling unwell and you doubt yourself, you have people to talk to who understands your situation. They can help you get back on your feet and believe in yourself more.

However, you have to remember that sober living will only help you if you want to be there and get help. Otherwise, everyone’s efforts will still go to waste as you’ll find ways to go back to using drugs and drinking alcohol.

Sober living and transitional housing are not for everybody. For some people, other residential treatment centers work best. In the end, it’s best to get the recommendation of professionals.

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