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Preparing Your Car Before a Long Vacation Abroad

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• Lock all doors and windows and hide important items before leaving your vehicle unattended. 

• Invest in a good quality security system or motion-sensing alarm for added protection. 

• Park in an enclosed garage or structure with 24-hour surveillance to ensure safety. 

• Install security features such as steering wheel locks, tracking systems, and alarms to deter thieves. 

You’re planning a long vacation abroad and want to ensure your car is secure before you leave. Taking certain precautions before you go can help give you peace of mind that your car will be safe while you are away. Here are some tips for how to do so.

Lock the Doors and Windows

This may seem obvious, but it’s critical to ensure your doors and windows are locked when leaving your vehicle unattended for an extended period of time. Investing in a good quality lock system will help keep intruders out and give you peace of mind that no one can get into your car without authorization.

Due to the rise of smart technology, many cars are now equipped with security systems. If you don’t have one installed in yours, consider investing in a motion-sensing security system for your car before you leave. This will help to alert you if anyone is tampering with the vehicle while you are away.

Moreover, you should keep all valuable items, such as wallets, purses, electronics, and jewelry, out of sight before you go. This will help deter thieves from breaking into your car.

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Park in a Safe Area

When parking your car for a long duration, try to find a safe area where it won’t be disturbed or vandalized while you’re away. If you have multiple cars and can’t find an indoor parking garage or structure with 24-hour security surveillance, you can instead upgrade your garage to accommodate your vehicles. Here’s how:

Install security measures in the garage.

Security measures in your garage can make all the difference in keeping your cars safe. A good system will have motion sensors, cameras, and a loud siren that will sound if intruders try to break into your garage. Additionally, you can also install security lights around your garage and driveway to help deter any would-be thieves.

Invest in a 4-post vehicle lift.

Having multiple cars means having to make space in a single garage. There are durable 4-post vehicle lifts for sale that can be installed to provide a secure and reliable way to store your cars. This lift will raise your car off the ground and provide extra space for tools, equipment, and other items. Additionally, the lift allows you to park two cars in the same space as one car—saving you money on parking fees.

Fortify the garage door.

Installing a steel-reinforced garage door is a great way to provide an extra layer of security for your vehicles. Steel reinforcement bars can be welded into the existing door, and additional locks can be added to help secure it against intruders.

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Install Security Features

Installing security features on your car can also help protect it while on vacation. Thanks to technology, there are now systems that would alert authorities if somebody tampers with the vehicle or attempts to break into it while it’s parked. Here are some features to consider:

Steering Wheel Lock

This is a great way to deter potential thieves from stealing your car. The lock fits around the steering wheel and prevents the thief from being able to operate the vehicle. It also helps to remind you to lock your car doors as an added security measure.

Tracking System

A tracking system is a great way to keep tabs on your vehicle while you are away. Many systems come with GPS tracking capabilities that give real-time updates of the vehicle’s location and provide an alert if it moves outside the set boundaries. This is a great feature in case your car is stolen while you are away.

Alarm System

An alarm system can help alert authorities if someone tampers with your car or attempts to break into it. Many systems come with motion sensors that detect irregularities and provide an audible siren when triggered. This helps to ward off potential thieves and gives you peace of mind that your car is secure.

As exciting as international travel may be, it’s important to take precautions when leaving your vehicle behind for an extended period of time—especially if that trip involves international borders. Taking extra steps such as locking all doors and windows, finding a safe parking area, and installing additional security features on the car itself can go a long way towards ensuring its safety while you’re away enjoying yourself abroad. With these tips in mind, you should have no problem having peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected even when far away from home.

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