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Pandemic Wedding: How to Plan for Your Wedding in 2021

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Wedding planning has become more complicated with the outbreak of coronavirus disease. In the last 10 months, many couples have decided to either cancel or postpone their wedding plans, and more are wondering what 2021 has in store for them.

The couples who opted to push through with their wedding celebrations in 2020 had become creative with Zoom ceremonies and backyard elopements. The pandemic gave vendors and engaged couples plenty of insights on how they can make the most of their unique wedding planning experience.

If you are one of the many couples wanting to proceed with your wedding plans amid this current chaos, consider these 12 expert ideas for planning your wedding during the pandemic.

How to Plan Your 2021 Wedding

1.Check Venue Availability

Once you have available dates for your wedding venue, check with all your vendors (in order of priority) for their availability on the chosen date. Most often, you might have to make some hard decisions as some of your vendors might be tied down during that day.

2.Start Trying Gowns

After several months of closure, most bridal shops are now up and running again. If you are ready to go out in public places, consider trying out gowns for your wedding. Whether you end up with a Zoom wedding or a big festival this year, you must wear the best wedding gown ever.

3.Plan for an Extended Dress Timeline

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it is the general rule for soon-to-be brides to begin shopping for wedding gowns nine months before the wedding and have orders placed no later than six months. But with the influx of upcoming 2021 nuptials, start shopping sooner and place your orders earlier.

4.Consider a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings have been around for many years, but they have grown more popular during the coronavirus outbreak. Apart from health and safety reasons, micro weddings allow engaged couples to unapologetically be themselves and be less pressured than in a 200-person wedding.

5.Finalize Your Vendor Team

Professional wedding vendors have been in the wedding industry for a long time, so you know you are in good hands, pandemic or not. With 2021 busier than ever with new clients and 2020 clients who rebooked their wedding events, opt to finalize your vendor team as soon as possible.

6.Make a Backup Plan

It is not enough to just have a backup plan during these unprecedented times. Have a backup plan for your backup plan, too. But, if you cannot wait any longer, be okay to do things that are not part of your original plan. It could be a smaller guest count, guests wearing masks, or no dancing during the reception.

7.Map Out Your Ceremony

Many couples leave out planning their ceremony until the last minute, but it should be stressed that it is the most crucial part of a wedding. Even if you have to postpone your wedding a couple of months more, it is essential to have a detailed plan surrounding your vow exchange.

8.Highlight Guest Experience

Most couples agree that social distancing during the ceremony, no dancing, and wearing face masks throughout the event is a deal-breaker. If you want to guarantee comfort for your guest throughout your wedding celebration, consider moving your wedding date far into the future.

9.Keep Everyone Updated

Whether you decide to postpone or elope, keep in mind to inform everyone – your family, friends, and other guests, including your venue and vendor team. You may opt to send out a fancy rescheduling info card. But if you do not feel like it, a group email or an announcement on your social media wedding page is alright with all this craziness today.

10.Read Thoroughly COVID-19 Clauses

Do not let excitement get over your head when planning. Before signing any deal, have honest conversations with your vendors. You need to know how they would handle any COVID-related cancellations or postponements. Request that this information is included in the contract.

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11.Check and Recheck Design Details

Since it is still difficult to feel and touch every detail of your wedding plan, now is the opportune time to be more specific with your vision. Go through all of the wedding celebration details, from your welcome cocktails and server uniforms to plates, napkins, flatware, and glassware—even table linen patterns and centerpieces.

12.Decide on What is Best for You

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to opt for a decision that you think is best for you. Engaged couples these days go in various directions. Some opt to push through despite a decreased guest count, while others are willing to postpone for another year to keep everything intact. Don’t let the advice of others put you on the spot. Decide as a couple and determine what would make you happy.

All things considered, whatever plan you settle on for your wedding, don’t forget your health and safety while in preparation and especially on the big day.

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