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Noteworthy Places to Go to for Casual Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts

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Vehicles have always been part of the American culture. While originating in Germany and France in the 1800s, Americans co-opted the industry for themselves and continued to be a thriving leader in the industry. With a little help from mass manufacturing methods and machines, familiar names such as Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler became known as the penultimate car brands in the early 1900s.

Vehicles paved the way for the expansion and prosperity of far-flung towns across the United States. Considering that the U.S. has the most landmass per population, motor vehicles were the most popular means of transportation for most. This assumption holds true even to this day, as more people still travel by private vehicles rather than public modes of transportation. It is especially highlighted now that social distancing is a must, even while just walking. To the eyes of many, private transportation is still preferred over public transportation. Unfortunately, a little less than half of Americans have no access to public transport.

You must be looking at your car right now, thinking of how great the automobile industry’s history is to get your car to this point. You’ve taken your vehicle for work and as your work station for years now; maybe it’s time to pay homage to automobiles’ history. Whether you’re a trucker who has finished his tax preparation, a bus driver who recently had the bus maintained, or just an average guy who drives his sedan to work every day, nothing is more fulfilling — even for a casual enthusiast — than going to significant places in motor vehicle history.

The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum is one of the top picks that every car enthusiast must visit. It is both an indoor and outdoor museum that boasts the oldest and most important vehicles ever constructed in the history of man. What started as a mere private collection — has become the embodiment of every milestone American families and American vehicles have made. It is bent on sharing the rich history that people tend to forget on day-to-day objects. It highlights the American tradition of creativity and innovation when it comes to automobiles. Ford cars and motors have always been a part of the most important events in recent American history. It is housed in one of the greatest automobile cities in US history: Detroit, Michigan.

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Known for the Indy 500, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is home to one of the most famous racetracks in the world. It has become part of popular culture and was the setting for some famous movies like Cars and Talladega Nights. Located in Springfield, Indiana, it is almost 111 years old. It is the oldest race track in the United States. It can house 250,000 people at any given time. Its fame then can match the status of the NFL Superbowl events of modern times. It has raced almost every kind of land vehicle in the world. It will continue to be a marvel as long as people use vehicles for transportation.

Bonneville Salt Flats

The Salt Flats in Utah is where most land speed records have been set or broken. The Salt Flats, located Northeast of Wendover, Utah, is a flat race track where land speed records are tracked. Definitely a part of the National Register of Historic Places, the Salt Flats are not always viable for racing and have had events canceled because of the presence of salt in track areas. The vehicles breaking the records here are so fast that some of them require a small rear parachute to slow down. Its fame has reached popular culture — with appearances in some Guinness World Record Episodes and the finale of Mad Men.

Sirl’s Automotive

Sirl’s Automotive is not a tourist spot, yet it is considered the Mecca of repair shops. Established almost at the same time as Ford Motor Company, Michael Sirl started his small car repair shop in Ohio in 1914. It was initially a horseshoeing place. But it later evolved into a car maintenance shop. His background in blacksmithing helped him establish what he is today. Sirl’s Automotive is one of the full mechanical service shops that can boast its experience and ingenuity through the ages. Every car enthusiast must visit the place and gaze in awe of its history.

Motor vehicles will always be a part of American history. Aside from the utility they bring, they also have a lot of entertainment and memories with them. Paying homage to motor vehicles’ historic places is a way of saying thank you to the joy and convenience they bring into our lives.

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