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The Modern Woman’s Makeup

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With the domestic travel restrictions lifted, it is time for us to freshen up our makeup skills and update our glamour kit. We are now free to take out our bikinis and enjoy summer. Of course, we can go on a joy ride. No matter where we are heading, we should put our best foot forward. It is why we should glamorize ourselves.

When we put on makeup, our goal should be to highlight our beauty and not hide imperfections. It should give us the confidence to replace a flat tire while on a pair of 5” stiletto heels. Our perfectly painted face should say that we can efficiently fix our car’s head gasket.

These makeup trends are for the modern woman. They make us look fierce. But at the same time, they emphasize our feminine side.

Barely There

Ladies of any royal house always follow this makeup trick. They stick to this rule because it keeps them camera-ready all day long. They even went au so natural during their wedding. If this makeup style is good enough for the Swedish Crown Princess, it should be good enough for us, mere mortals.

Usually, the Duchess of Cambridge focuses on her eyes. Then she finishes her makeup with blush and sheer pink lipstick. She stays away from daring colors.

The future queen uses taupe eyeshadow. She uses a darker shade for her eye sockets and a highlighter on her brow.

On the other hand, Zara Tindall, Princess Royal’s daughter, used gold eyeshadow on her wedding day. She perfected her eye makeup with brown eyeliner and mascara. It gave her a natural glow.

Swedish Princess Sofia decided to bend the rules. Although she kept her makeup minimal, the royal bride chose to use bronze and well-defined smoky eyes in 2015. Princess Madeleine of Sweden chose to add a pop of her color by using pink lipstick on her wedding day.

All of the female royals would complete their look with their perfect do. The Duchess of Sussex would use texturing spray for her perfect mane. Her sister-in-law kept her hair beautiful by using sulfate-free shampoo.

Romantic Vampire

Goth makeup is usually associated with rebellious teenagers. But vampire movies and TV shows have changed that perception. Most of us have seen the transformation of Bella Swan in the Twilight series.

Even if we skip the fangs, we can still channel the sexy vampire with the right makeup. Start with your eyes so that you can easily hide mistakes with your foundation.

You can go for the classic goth look. You can achieve dark eyes with black eyeliner. We recommend using gel eyeliner or felt liner. Either of these two will make it easier for you to create a dramatic cat-eye shape.

Once done, you can work on your lips. Go for brick red lipstick. You can also opt for something fiercer such as black lipstick. You are now ready to work on the rest of your face.

Earthly Goddess

Again, it is all about the eyes. An ethereal look is a good substitute for that sultry makeup. The first step would be to work on your face. When we say this, we mean applying your moisturizer.

After the prep work, you can go ahead and apply the foundation. Take note that you only want to even out your skin tone. You are not hiding imperfections, so you should not slather your face with the makeup product.

Once done, you can apply the concealer. You are now ready to work on your eyes. The first step is to create that strong brow. Use a slanted brow brush and brow powder to fill out sparse areas.

Your next step is to highlight your brows. Apply the highlighting eyeshadow with the use of an eyeshadow brush. Use this same color on the inner corner of your eyes. With a blending brush, coat your entire lid with a shade that belongs to the same family of color.

Do not forget to apply brown eyeliner. Use this color because it adds dimension. It does not clash with your overall look. Finally, you can work on your lashes.

Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. Your getup does not define who you are. Whether you are wearing a faded jumper or a gown, you should hold your head high.

These makeup tricks are here to boost your self-worth. You should not use it to build your confidence. You are a woman of substance. Your value should shine through. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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