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Small Business Guide: Car Company Maintenance Tips

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Company cars are a luxury for many organizations and companies. For smaller businesses, investing in a company vehicle provide numerous improvements in operations and convenience to the team. Others even use it to showcase their brand by wrapping their vehicles with business advertisements, which can be seen by tons of potential customers.

On the downside, small businesses may find it hard to avail one as company cars are expensive to purchase and maintain. It also comes with more records and reporting requirements, as well as increased liability. If you’re planning to get one or already bought your first company car, these maintenance tips can help you cut some costs.

Find a local auto care shop

When it comes to vehicle problems and maintenance, auto shops have the right services for them. Find a local auto care center that offers complete vehicle maintenance and repair services. This provides you with the convenience of not finding different mechanics for certain car issues. The shop should also be fully equipped and offers easy booking. Working with a reputable auto repair shop also frees you from minor to major maintenance work. Letting expert mechanics check on your company car will help you prevent more costly repairs due to inaccurate engine diagnostics or clutch replacement.

Practice responsible driving

Everyone who will be using the company car should be trained for responsible driving. They should know how to appropriately respond to car issues on the road and even accidents. Everything that falls from normal must be reported immediately, may it be torque loss or strange engine sounds. If you’re planning to assign one or two employees who will primarily use the car, you can educate or train them in some basics about the maintenance of the engine and other parts.

They should at least know how to check the tire, change air or oil filters, and check for brake issues. Nonetheless, it’s best if you can exert effort into ensuring all your employees are fit to drive. If you have veteran drivers on the team, refresher training is still advisable.

responsible driving

Get the right insurance

If it’s the first car for your small business, it’s imperative to find optimal auto insurance for it. Avoid availing from the first insurance provider you came across. Shop around and acquire quotes from different providers. Assess the inclusions of the coverage and quoted price to better understand which is the most cost-effective option. Flexible car insurance is one of the best choices for small businesses. In this coverage, you’ll be offered a tailored premium based on how you use your company car. Most providers will allow you to include or exclude cases such as floods, storms, accidents, fire, and theft. Some also offer extra features such as storage, towing, and roadside assistance costs.

Invest in a tracking technology

If you only have one company car, tracking it is essential. Investing in tracking technology is a great way to ensure that the car won’t be used in non-work-related travels or your employees aren’t slacking on working hours. Unauthorized use of the company car won’t just cause hassle for others who actually need to use it. But it can also create a possibility for vandalism or theft, as well as serious reputation and liability risks. Furthermore, tracking technology is also useful during emergencies. You can access the location of stranded employees and maximize the performance of the car. You can find tracking technologies with map integration, engine status, driver analysis report, daily travel usage, and mobile reports. Others even have car maintenance scheduling, fuel consumption reports, and dash cameras.

Park responsibly

Good parking is not only essential for avoiding road accidents. It also has a great impact on the car’s body. Instruct your team members to park the company car in a shaded or underground area. Avoid parking under a tree as tree sap can cover parts of your vehicle. Surely, you don’t want to pay for frequent car washes. If you still don’t have a proper garage area, using a quality car cover would be a good alternative. It can help protect your company car from scratches, dirt, inclement weather, and harmful UV rays.

A company car is an expensive investment, especially for small companies. That’s why it only makes sense to put in extra effort in its maintenance to avoid costly major repairs or even an immediate replacement. Prioritize regular upkeep for your business vehicle and take advantage of the convenience for more years.

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