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Must-have Add-ons in Central Air-conditioning Units for Optimal Indoor Air Quality

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You have little control over the climate in your area. However, this does not mean that you should settle for extremely hot or cold weather, which compromises the comfort in your building. There are currently different appliances that will suffice for boosting your indoor air quality. One of the best choices is a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) unit. The four types of HVAC units are packaged heating and air, duct-free, hybrid, and split units.

Central air-conditioning systems are the most common in Riverton. They circulate cool air throughout your interior using a system of return and supply ducts. Although they are efficient for boosting the indoor comfort in all building sizes, there are add-ons that will further boost the quality of your indoor air when using an HVAC unit. While you might come across multiple types of add-ons, the following are among the essential ones that will make a noteworthy difference in the quality of your indoor air:

Air Purifiers

These will go beyond the standard capability of your standard HVAC filter to capture small and elusive airborne particles. Some air purifiers will capture up to 95% of airborne particles, which measure at least .30 microns. An air purifier is essential for places with people suffering from severe allergies since it filters the mold, dust, and pollen in the air. It is also vital in medical care facilities and commercial buildings since it captures the pathogens responsible for airborne diseases.


These pull the moisture in your indoor air and help boost the comfort in your interior during stuffy warm months. Other than boosting your comfort, dehumidifiers avert the proliferation of mold, mildew, and dust mite infestation, which happen in damp environments. However, if your indoor air is excessively dry, you can opt for a humidifier.


contractor attaching a ventilatorMost property owners nowadays seal their homes tight to minimize heat loss and improve security while forgetting the essence of proper airflow into and out of the building. Properties with well-sealed doors, roofing, and windows and those with excellent insulation will generally have stale indoor air. The ideal choice in these cases is the installation of ventilators. These vent stale indoor air to the outdoors and pull in clean and fresh air. The outdoor air will be filtered when sucked in to get rid of pollutants.

UV Lamps

These work with your HVAC unit to kill airborne allergens and pathogens. The lamps are sanitizers that contain a powerful UV light at the end of their spectrum. They eliminate up to 98% of the germs in your indoor air when fitted in your HVAC unit, where the indoor coils and drain pans provide perfect bacterial breeding ground. UV lamps in HVAC units improve the units’ efficiency, improve their airflow, and avert the growth of hazardous microorganisms.

The add-ons mentioned above seem like an unnecessary expense, but they are far from it. The boost that they will offer to your indoor air quality will be worth every dime you spend. To guarantee the efficacy of your add-ons, get a professional to install them. Moreover, involve an expert when picking add-ons to ensure that they fit into your HVAC unit and meets your building’s requirements.

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