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5 Home Improvements That Increase Your Home Value

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Statistics show that the average home mortgage is around $280,000, which means that if you’re a homeowner, you have to make sure that your home value doesn’t go below this amount. To make sure you can retain your home’s value, the following are some tips on home improvements and additions you can do to your property in Ogden.

1. Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling in Ogden and other U.S. cities will allow you to recoup as much as 81% of the amount you spent. Studies show that a modern kitchen is something potential home buyers look for — within reason, of course. The most important upgrades include lots of space, good kitchen cabinets, and modern appliances with minimal electrical consumption. Keep the counters clean with a fresh smell and it should be able to sell itself.

2. Modern Garage Door Replacement

Another important upgrade is a modern garage door. According to reports, you can recoup as much as 98% of what you spent on a modern garage door. This is attractive primarily for security reasons.

Many homeowners want a garage door that’s made of galvanized steel — capable of holding its own and deterring possible intruders from attempting to walk inside the house. A good garage door should also be able to resist all kinds of weather. Wooden doors may be aesthetically pleasing, but they’re not the functional types preferred by buyers today.

3. Bathroom Remodeling for Relaxation

Classy bathroom with tubAside from the kitchen, the bathroom is also that part of the house that can make or break a sale. The bathroom should be modern with a cozy feel to it that homeowners can relax in. Done correctly, you can recoup as much as 70% of what you spent in the remodeling.

An attractive bathroom is defined as one with excellent light, clean tiles, and a tub separate from the shower area. Put in lots of closet space and you’ve got a bathroom that can close a deal for you.

4. It’s All About the First Impression

Don’t forget the value of an impressive first look. Known as the curb appeal, a high-value home will have a yard and a front that’s attractive and looks brand new even if it was built years ago. The yard doesn’t have to be lushly green with perfect trimming, but it has to be clean and look well-kept. Painting the house will also give it that fresh look, as if it’s been built just yesterday.

5. Existing Security Features

Finally, you would want to add safety features in your home to make it more attractive for buyers. This means installing smoke alarms, fire extinguishers in different corners, a sprinkler system (if possible), carbon monoxide alarms, and CCTV all over the house. Investing in these features don’t just attract possible buyers, but also adds a sense of security to the house, allowing you to sleep better each night.

Of course, those are just some of the ways you can increase or maintain your home’s value if you intend to hold onto it for resale. At the least, these home improvements will make you more comfortable in your own home.

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