Moving with Your Pets? Here’s a Short Guide for You

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Moving houses is said to be one of the most taxing life events one can experience. Some studies even show that moving can be as, if not more, stressful as going through the process of divorce.

The hardships one may have to overcome depends on the context of their relocation, whether it’s local or international, whether they are alone or with family and pets. Notably both of the latter options may cause more complications, but they don’t always deter people from pushing through with their decisions.

There have been many expert tips shared to help alleviate the stress of moving, one of which is Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, which speaks of respecting one’s belongings and space. Others are more general: secure international movers, pack up belongings, prepare papers, and so forth.

These tips and checklists have helped many in their process of moving, regardless if they’re relocating locally, say from Sydney to Victoria, or internationally, say from Australia to Japan. What most of these tips neglect to help with, however, is what people must do if they wish to bring their pets with them on their international relocation.

Purchase the right travel crate and familiarise your pets with it

Family moving into a new home with pet dog

It takes a while to fly from one country to the next, so it’s important to keep your pets comfortable and safe during the trip. Travel crates are available in the market. All you need to do to find one that’s perfect for your pets. There are size charts to guide those who own dogs. As for cat owners, a neat trick you can follow is to add four inches to your furry friend’s height and length to ensure comfort.

After purchasing the crate of the right size, make sure to introduce it to your pets and have them acclimate to staying inside of the crate during the packing process. This helps guarantee that there won’t be any shock, and that the pets will remain calm when it’s time to take off.

Procure the necessary documents

It’s important for owners to research the requirements for your destination country to allow safe entry for your pets. Different nations require different documentation for animals.

You also need to visit a veterinarian for a few key documents, as well as to discuss the health and safety of your pets. A few papers that can be given by the vet are proof of rabies vaccine, international health certificate, printed health records, and microchipping and ID tags.

Be prepared

Couple moving into a new home with their dog

Owners should remember to check if their destination countries have breed bans. Montreal, Canada, for example, has threatened to ban dogs that are Pitbull breeds. Fortunately, this has been suspended indefinitely. If you were to discover that the country you’re planning to move to has put a ban on your pets, you need to find a new forever home for them, one that guarantees to care and house your pets for good.

Aside from breed bans, you also need to check airline requirements before the day of your flight. This allows you to check-in and travel hassle free instead of being bombarded with surprises on the day of the flight itself.

Moving necessitates a bit of forethought, especially if you wish to bring your pets with you. While the entire process can be frustrating, you can reduce the stress of the endeavour by planning carefully.

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