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Clean Up After Your Pets: Repairing Pet Damage

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If you own a cat or dog and give them free rein over your home, there will be times that they damage it. This is often in the beginning when they have no proper training yet, but it does also happen if they agitated or stressed. After you discipline your pets, you should then take stock of the damage. It may look bad, but the damage that pets can do is not so bad. Here are a few tips on how you can fix them up.

The Floor

The place that your pets can reach easiest will the place they will do their most damage. This is why your floor is their frequent target. There are two common types of damage you can find on floors from pets: scratches from their untrimmed claws and urine stains.

For scratches, you will want to regularly trim your pet’s nails first. This reduces the incidence of scratching. It will also help with other things that they might damage with their claws. For repairing the damage, it depends on the severity. It is mainly wooden floors that suffer from scratch damage so you can fix shallow ones with a stain marker. Deeper gouges will require wood fillers and sanding down the area back into its original state.

Urine is another problem. If it is on the floor itself, you can sand off the stain easily. However, if your pet peed on the carpet, you will need a professional. Fortunately, carpet cleaners offer pet urine removal services in West Jordan and nearby areas. You should get your carpet back in great condition.

The Furniture

The next target that your pets will have is the furniture. If your pets were especially rambunctious, they might have broken a few fragile pieces. For these, you can only buy replacements that are somewhat sturdier.

Pets can scratch and bite furniture, and these will be noticeable. This is why you will want to give them a scratching post or something to chew on. Pets have limited hobbies, and without a chew toy, they will chew on something.

Wooden furniture is especially vulnerable. Cats and dogs will love to scratch and chew those. The visible marks are fixable though. Just sand them down and apply some varnish. The more difficult parts are the leather and the cushion. An upholstery shop can be a big help with this though it will be expensive. If you cannot afford it yet, position the furniture or its cover right to cover up the damage.

The Walls

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Cats will climb up walls like champions while dogs will scratch at it forever. Fortunately, walls are a bit easier to fix, especially if they are made of drywall. The main concern will be the paint job. Just clean out the scratched area and apply some drywall. Let it dry and paint over it.

You want everything to be back in good shape so the tips above should help. It might take some effort, but you can restore your home after your pets have done their damage. Take note that you need to train your pets to not do whatever they did any more, or you might end up doing repairs constantly.

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