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Long Weekend Coming Up? Check Out These Batangas Resorts

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Long weekends are welcome breaks for full-time workers and families. People look forward to holidays that fall on a Friday or Monday, making the weekend one day longer than the usual. It is during these occasions that families and friends decide to go on a vacation to relax their weary souls. Long weekends also save them their precious leave credits.

While some people wish to explore world-renowned beaches in Palawan, Boracay and Siargao, you can still maximize long weekends by going somewhere closer to the city, such as Batangas. It is easily accessible, and you can get an affordable car rental in Manila for the long drive. This way, no time is lost being stuck in a bus or being stressed about delayed trips.

Here are some of the many resorts to explore in Batangas that are sure to guarantee you a short but sweet vacation, whether you are taking time off with friends or the whole family.

Acuaverde Beach Resort

An award-winning beach resort that promises a serene and comfortable stay to anybody who needs to relax and de-stress away from the crowd, Acuaverde is known for its famous white sand beach, cozy rooms and modern amenities.

Situated in Laiya, guests are afforded an amazing beachfront view. It has water sports activities, such as jet ski, speedboat and flyboard for those who are looking for some fun and thrilling action on their vacation.

La Luz Beach Resort

La Luz Beach Resort used to be a private resort. Despite welcoming tourists, the resort has maintained the exclusivity of the place, making it one of the favorite resort destinations in San Juan, Batangas. It uses native materials to furnish the villas and keeps the whole resort clean and pristine.

Resort staff also offer hiking activities in Mt. Daguldul, which can take around six hours from the resort. If you are up for it, the resort can prepare a packed breakfast and lunch for your hike. A quick detour from the mountain will also take hikers to the charming Naambon Falls. That is a jam-packed weekend of beach and mountain exploration.

Camp Netanya

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Camp Netanya has gained popularity over the recent years for its Santorini-inspired design and architecture. Guests are offered serenity and luxury and a feeling that they have spent their vacation in Greece! The resort has 48 villas only, thus limiting the number of guests and noise.

Every corner of the resort is definitely “Instagrammable” because of its aesthetically pleasing interiors and captivating outdoor design. Located in Mabini, Camp Netanya has a 25-meter infinity pool and offers island hopping, hiking and diving activities. Beyond its glorious Greek design, the resort is also famous for taking guests to world-class dive sites and snorkeling spots.

The provinces south of Manila have amazing beach destinations to offer stressed-out workers longing for a much-needed break. Batangas, with its proximity to the metro, numerous beach resorts, unique culture and history, and natural wonders, is an ideal choice. Go on and book a trip for the next long weekend.

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