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Nature lovers visit Utah to explore Zion National Park; this destination has many towering peaks, stunning vistas and accessible trails. It is an attraction that has a bit of everything from the casual hiker to the experienced one. If you’re planning to visit the state, make sure to include this park in your itinerary.

Zion park tours include the following things to do and places of interest.

Go On a Scenic Drive through the Zion and Mt. Carmel

The national park doesn’t just have stunning trails; for those who want a leisurely experience, they can drive through all the beauty nature has to offer in this part of America. The scenic highway takes you through towering, craggy reddish rock formations that will make your jaw drop. Prepare to keep your camera pointed at the scenery for videos and photos. Make sure to drop your phones and cameras now and then to enjoy the views.

Walk Through the Narrows

This narrow section (aptly named) of the canyon is a popular hike for all hikers from beginners to experienced ones. The trek covers around 10 miles round way; the views are scenic and provides you with a sense of the park’s size and grandeur. The most common route travelers take the one from Temple of Sinawava up to Big Stream. Prepare to get wet during the trip, so bring appropriate equipment.

Walk the Overlook Trail

This trail takes you several feet high and provides some of the most stunning vistas of Zion National Park. The Overlook Trail is also accessible and short, making it a popular stop for all hikers across the experience spectrum. Some sections are narrow but manageable; it does get hectic during the day so try to go early. This is an ideal place to take photographs and videos of the park.

Visit Observation Point

A trip to Observation Point provides you with beautiful views of the national park. Some of the spots you’ll see from here are Angels Landing and Mt. Baldy. The hike will take you to around 2000 feet high, so prepare for a challenging uphill and downhill trip for the round way journey. It could get sweltering during the afternoon and midday because of a lack of shade. Try hiking early to avoid the heat.

Go to Angels Landing

This trail is one of the most difficult inside Zion National Park, but for those that take on the challenge, they will get stunning views of the giant slabs of rock and landscape. You’ll see cliffs and switchbacks along the way. There are steep drops that would make visitors with a fear of height woozy. This hike isn’t for the fainthearted, but if you fall into that category, you can still enjoy the views midway through the trip just before the final ascent.

Enjoy the Pa’rus Trail

Zion National Park in Utah

This comprehensive and easy trail is for those who want a leisurely day out during their park visit. This leads to different parts of Zion and provides fetching views of the surroundings. You’ll also see the Virgin River during the walk.

These are some of the spots you’ll see during Zion park tours. Drive your car, go hiking, take the shuttle or ride an ATV to explore all the sites of the canyon.

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