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Like a Boss: Integrating a Managerial Lifestyle in Your Life

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It’s undeniable that managers live a hectic life. The best managers are jack of all trades that can do almost every function in a company. As employees, we’ve seen how our managers seem to be always swamped with work. And yet, we still see them dedicating their time to helping us out and making time to further our development as individuals. Living like a manager seems like a bad idea at first glance. I mean, who would want to live a hectic lifestyle? But there are actual benefits to living and thinking like a manager. Their organization skills are beneficial for anyone, and their interpersonal skills are excellent when interacting with people. So if you want to integrate the active lifestyle of a manager into your life, here are some ways to do it.

Start By Talking to Yourself in the Mirror

Managers are charismatic. They work well with others, and they know how to talk to employees appropriately. But that doesn’t simply happen overnight. Managers work for their charisma years before they even become a manager. It’s a lot of work, but starting with the simple things like talking to yourself in the mirror always works.

One way to increase your charisma is to become more friendly to others, and where’s a better way to start by being friendly to yourself? Self-compassion is a growing variable in the field of psychology. Studies have shown that it’s capable of encouraging yourself to be better.

Telling yourself positive self-affirmations in the mirror every day can make a lot of difference in how you handle yourself, and eventually, others in your workplace. Being compassionate to yourself is a benefit that you can have that others don’t. It’s also one good trait of being a manager.

Managers aren’t charismatic because they have all the knowledge in the world. They’re charismatic because they’re compassionate. They most likely know what you’re going through at work because they’ve probably been through the same thing. So through this knowledge, you can start integration the compassion and charisma that managers have into your life by starting with yourself.

Read Books

Managers usually become the designated person for information, even if they don’t want to be. They are someone that every employee looks for when they need some encouragement and wisdom in their life. They’re also someone that employees rely on when they need some technical information for their jobs. It sounds like a hassle, isn’t it?

We don’t want you to necessarily become the designated person for all information for your friends and family members. That would be horrible, especially when you’re not getting paid for it. What we want you to do is to actually live a lifestyle where you have a manager’s knowledge integrated into your mind. Now, much like everything else on this list, managers don’t gain the wisdom they have overnight.

They work to gain it, and they achieve it by reading books.
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Books are the prime source of knowledge, and reading one or two a month can definitely improve the well of knowledge you have right now. It’s also an entertaining hobby if you have the time for it. Reading books not only helps you gain more knowledge, but it can also put your mind at ease. You don’t necessarily need to read self-help books. You can choose to read fiction if you feel like it. These benefits can work regardless of what book you read.

By simply reading a book every month, you can start to act more knowledgeable about specific topics. This increases your charisma and self-esteem as well. Both of those traits are essential in living like a boss!

Get Yourself a Management App

Managers don’t do everything by themselves. During this modern age, managers get some help through technology. Management companies like Miick find these management apps integral to their business operations. But are they integral to your life? Of course!

Management apps can keep you on track with whatever activity you have for the day. You can also plan your life ahead of you and visualize what you want to happen this week through these apps.

Ultimately, management apps are meant to bring some clarity and organization into your life. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll definitely need to try out these apps. If you’re hesitant and do not want to invest your money into these apps just yet, you can try the free versions of the apps. Management apps like Trello and Easynote all have free versions that you can try to see if they’re meant for you.

Living like a manager is beneficial because it helps you be more confident, organized, and friendlier to others. It’s best for people who live a hectic life and have to work with others at the same time. That’s almost every lifestyle of a millennial in the modern age. So it’s time to start practicing and start living like a manager.

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