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How to Motivate Yourself To Take Up Running (Or Power Walking)

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It happens to everyone. Even seasoned athletes or a newbie need some motivation to restart and keep going. Sometimes life gets busy, sometimes you don’t feel like running, the weather is ugly, or you are just tempted to stay in and watch Netflix. The trick here is to think less and do more. If you wait around for the perfect moment, it might never come – so go and start running. Here are some tips to keep yourself motivated to run even if you don’t feel like it.

Just Go

Remember that popular sports brand’s tagline? It is just too obvious and simple. Don’t give yourself any choice or alternatives. When you decide that you are going to run, commit to it, and fight any conflicting thoughts. Some experts suggest sleeping in your workout clothes so that you have no choice but to go when the alarm goes off.

Schedule Your Run

Like It is An Appointment You Cannot Miss Sometimes, you get so busy that you don’t have time to work out. Check your calendar for the week and find a 20-minute to a one-hour time slot for your workout. Consider this as an appointment with your dentist or doctor, and you should feel guilty if you skip it.

Plan Around Your Workout

You often plan the things you prioritize — the movie, happy hour, or dinner date with your partner. But how about planning for the run that you will have? Choose a good, safe path to walk or run. Avoid road work or construction sites for your safety. Check announcements for scheduled walkway repair or road maintenance ahead of time so your run won’t be hampered by an unexpected detour.

Reward Yourself

For Running We have various ways to reward ourselves after completing an achievement. If you were able to run even if you don’t feel like it, then you deserve some reward, however small. It can be an expensive juice or a piece of that delicious pastry on your way home.  You can even splurge on sophisticated activewear you saw at the boutique. Once you complete a run, buy yourself something nice or simple, something that should keep you happy and feel rewarded for the task.

Buy Fun Workout Clothes

There really is something about wearing nice and new gears when working out. It makes us feel good and motivated to do the task even if we are feeling lazy. Whether it’s a new pair of running tights, a sports bra, loose-fitting tank top, or running sneakers. Put it on and go on a test run.

Join A Running Group’s Weekly Run

Doing this can make you feel accountable, and it can also make running a social activity. There are running groups that end a workout activity with a happy hour or brunch. Find the group that shares the same interest as you do aside from running. Soon you will be looking forward to your workouts even if it’s also for beers to share with newfound friends.

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Prep Some Motivational

Music For some, the right song playing can give the push that they need when they are feeling sluggish. Check out music apps for some great motivational playlist. You can find music to pace longer runs or for quick sprints. Choose the playlist that suits you best and imagine yourself starring in a motivational video while running.

Lower Your Minimum Running Time

On the days you weren’t able to meet your daily minimum running time, run for whatever amount of time you have the next day instead of sitting it out entirely. Doing this helps you stay on track since you won’t have missed the whole day.

Mix Your Routine Up

Switching up your routines at least one running session every week can keep the activity exciting and motivating. You can do this by running hills the first day and running the long distance on the next—or even simply changing the scenery or doing your route backward can do wonders.

Connect With Nature

Breathing fresh air and surrounding yourself with trees and all things nature has to offer, ranging from trees to hills, can be mentally refreshing, keeping you motivated to run throughout. Moreover, being outdoors can boost your mood to great heights.

Every Run Is Worth It

It may be hard to push yourself to run and workout, but every time you do, it feels like you’ve become a better version of yourself. If you tried everything and all the other tricks did not work out, you have to motivate yourself. Think of why you are running and how you felt afterward. You will be happy that you did, so try to do this every time you go for a run.

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