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Keeping Your Ski Gear in Top Shape: Things to Remember

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The joy of skiing is almost incomparable. Sloping down the snowy hill will give you the thrill. And lying in the snow for quite some time gives you that cool, comforting feeling. The coziness that you feel is made possible by that ski wear that covers you—from the pants to the jacket. It goes without saying, but ski wear can be expensive. And that is because of the use of technology and advanced material that makes coziness and comfort possible. For many people, especially those who are into skiing, ski wear is a form of investment. And if you are also treating yours this way, you know too well that you are supposed to take care of it.

Whether you have bought a fancy Obermeyer jacket from a sale or that pair of warm ski pants, you should know that there is a proper way of taking care of it. If you use the wrong way, you will surely end up damaging the material. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

Keep it simple

Ski Gear

Do not be too elaborate when it comes to washing your ski wear. The best thing that you can do is to refer to the tag that contains the washing and cleaning directions. If the material does not require dry cleaning or bleaching, do not do it. Many brands, however, require users to wash their items in warm water in a normal wash cycle.

Be careful with the cleaning detergents

Again, the tag contains all the necessary cleaning detergents and substances that you can use. Not everything is applicable, so be careful when picking a cleaning agent. The wrong cleaning soap may damage the durable water-resistant (DWR) coating. When that happens, your jacket or pants will be soaked the next time you go skiing.

Wash fleece carefully

Some ski wear items are made of fleece. And this material requires another way of cleaning. Before you wash your fleece, turn it inside out. As much as possible, wash it at the lowest temperature in your machine. Washing it in warm water may cause the material to expand. You should also veer away from using fabric conditioner, as this will alter the feel of the material.

Be cautious when drying your pants

Your pants are also made of the same material as the jacket, so exercise the same level of caution. Although you have to remove first the items that are left in the pocket, especially the sharp objects, as they may damage the material. Should you need to brush the pants, do it carefully.

Love skiing? Then you must love your ski wear, too. It keeps you comfy while you do your thing on the snowy slope. If you think that you have been neglecting your ski wear, now is the time to start taking care of it. This is a necessary measure, especially if you are considering your ski wear as a form of clothing investment. While your ski wear is made to last, the way you are supposed to take care of it should also be considered. Otherwise, it will get damaged.

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