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The Journey to the Healthy Weight: Making Your Clothes Fit

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Finding clothes that you perfectly is quite a difficult task. There are millions out there who cannot find clothes that fit perfectly to their body type. It is highly unfortunate but the truth is that the fashion industry rarely caters to the opposite ends of the weight spectrum. Perfectly tailored clothes usually only fit those who have a great and fit body. The ideals imposed by the fashion industry have driven many to pits of despair and depression. With social media all around us, it is even harder to avoid the unrealistic standards that these fashion gurus are imposing on regular people.

Body dysmorphic disorder is one of the mental diseases prevalent in our youth today. It is the unnecessary comparison we make that drives us to set unattainable standards regarding our own bodies. It has driven many people to be depressed and anxious about themselves. Some get along by posting altered images of themselves to meet the standard of beauty of social media. Unfortunately, it also ends in depression and anxiety.

More than 42% of adults in the United States are obese, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The problem has been so bad that the government and afterward the World Health Organization were forced to declare the obesity issue as an epidemic. More than 300 million adults in the entire world, most of them from the United States, are obese.

Fashion is mainly a health problem. If you are thinking about finding the clothes that fit instead of your own health, you are looking and focusing on the wrong problem. The journey to the best and appropriate weight for you might be a difficult one to stumble upon. You might think you are alone in this journey, but in reality, you are not. There are millions out there who are looking for ways to trim their weight for the sake of their health, and not for meager issues like finding clothes that fit. You should deem yourself lucky and blessed that you are only thinking about a fashion issue.

For those who are taking this issue seriously: what is the journey to a healthy weight like?

Doctor’s Advice

The first thing you should do before going down that path is actually asking your doctor what you should do. Some people are morbidly obese that rapid weight loss can actually be detrimental to their health. A doctor can examine your body and can advise you what type of diet you should take. A doctor can give you a regimen to follow in your journey. Having a professional advise you on what you can and cannot do will ease your mind. Your doctor will keep track of your progress with you and adjust your regimen if you have to.

Getting a Personal Trainer

Getting a health and wellness coach under the doctor’s advisement will surely accelerate your path to weight loss. Sadly, a doctor cannot keep track of your progress all the time. Getting a personal trainer who you pay to focus on your progress and keep you on track is key to getting that body you want. Weight loss is similar to sculpting. The entire process is slow, difficult, and hard to keep track of. You might end up losing fat harder on certain areas of your body (and that’s okay). A personal trainer can guide you on what type of activity or diet you can do to help you achieve your goals.

Eating Healthy

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Eating healthy is the new sexy. There are a lot of diet programs out there that prescribe certain types of foods to eat. However, diet programs affect everyone differently. Similar to haircuts, not all diets are tailor-fit for certain types of persons. For some people, a Mohawk haircut might work. For some, a keto diet is ineffective.

Finding out which diet might work for your body type is key to becoming healthy. If your goal is to become healthy and not just lose weight, losing weight will follow as a consequence. Everyone follows his or her own pace differently. It might be easy to be frustrated. However, just stick to your diet plan and you will see your clothes suddenly fit you better.


Diving right into exercise is inadvisable. There are some types of exercises that you can and cannot do. Exercising is essential. However, you must find the perfect exercise for you. By exercising every single day during your journey to weight loss, you guarantee that you will eventually shed off that unwanted weight. It may be difficult at first, but no great thing is easy.

Your goal is to get to your dream clothing. What good are clothes if they cannot fit you?

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