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Is Your Garden Worthy of Daphne and Simon

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Gardening may not have always been something you are interested in but tending to a garden during the COVID-19 pandemic may be what you need. If you are curious about the whole gardening trend that bloomed during the quarantine period, it might be the time for you to try it out.

In recent pop culture, gardens have had a romantic and sensual reputation. In the Netflix show Bridgerton, the characters Daphne and Simon are famous for their “scandalous” garden scene. Are you interested in recreating this mood in your home garden?

A garden is not only a good hobby to take up during this isolating time but it can also bring out your romantic side. What do you need to create the most dreamy home garden?

Creating The Not-so-secret Garden

Are you ready to start your lovely garden? Once you get into the groove, you might end up talking about your new hobby for hours during virtual chats with your friends and family! What are the ways you can do to get started sprucing up your home garden and landscape?

One of the points you can start with is the non-organic parts of your garden. This may include your organization plan for your garden as well as the paving around your landscape. Find an asphalt paving service to help you lay down the pavement around your garden. Enhance your overall garden look by finding the right balance between plants and non-organic elements.

You need to choose healthy garden soil to grow your plants. Your garden will depend on your soil’s pH levels and its nutritional value. Also, the wrong composition and texture of soil such as being too sandy, may not be the most ideal living ground for your new plants. You should also consider adding compost to your soil.

Apart from knowing what kind of plants catch your eye, you should also do your research about the different plant types that go together. You should also find out your plants’ specific requirements in terms of location and care.

When designing for a sweet and romantic garden, you need to consider the design. Apart from the mentioned balance between plants and non-organic elements of your garden, you should also consider the mature size of the plants you want to include in your garden. You should organize your plants to allow smaller plants to stay in view even after they have fully grown to their mature size.

With these tips, you can eventually start with setting up your dreamy and romantic home garden. Having a home garden during this time can be beneficial. What is the value of having a home garden during the pandemic?

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Home Garden During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has gotten many of us anxious and feeling isolated due to the quarantine protocols. The situation has taken a toll on our physical, mental, and emotional health, and many of us are searching for ways to make ourselves feel better. Gardening is a good way to uplift the mood during this pandemic.

Taking up gardening as a hobby can, indeed, relieve stress. The growth involved in gardening provides a refreshing take on the current situation that is leaving many of us feeling dull and detached. Gardening allows us to focus on an activity with a goal and task in mind. This is a healthy distraction from the stressful situation we are currently facing.

It is also known that gardening can make you happy. Planting your favorite flowers or even vegetables can increase levels of serotonin in your body, which is a hormone that uplifts the mood.

Gardening can also build your strength and promote good sleep. It is an overall healthy activity because gardening can, indeed, be considered as a form of exercise. Working in your yard can result in a sore body as you wake up the following day. Gardening as physical exertion can help you get solid sleep at night.

Apart from all of these benefits, and apart from being a romantic space at home, having a home garden is also a good way to bond with your family. Gardening is a good hobby to share with the whole family. Help boost each other’s mood and health during this time by introducing gardening as a healthy pastime.

Whether you have been into gardening before the pandemic or if you have just been interested during the pandemic, it is a good idea to get started today. It serves many benefits to physical, emotional, and mental health. This is what many of us need most nowadays.

Gardening is not solely an individual pursuit. It is a hobby that can be shared with members of the household which makes it a healthy way to deal with pandemic stress.

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