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Interior Decorating Trends to Achieve a ‘True’ Modern Home

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As many individuals spend more time at home throughout 2020, most were craving for better comfort while reimagining their spaces to meet the demands of the sudden shift in their lives and new lifestyle. Whether that required making a functional home office or decorating your spare rooms for Zoom and remote learning sessions—just about every area of home needed a ‘refresh.’

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, the following are the latest interior decorating trends to explore in 2021, giving you a fresh start at the beginning of the new decade.

High-style Accessories

High-style accessories are gaining traction among homeowners. Most are going for plush and comfortable seatings with rich uses and layered styling for the living room—and all these are thanks to the rising fame of ‘Zoom backgrounds.’ Due to this, accessorizing has become bolder and creative in 2021. Meanwhile, people are also investing in bathroom vanities, with conventional ones made by professionals using various woods, perfectly blending in any bathroom, and will never go out of style.

Livable Luxury

The beginning of the new decade signifies the peoples’ opportunity to bounce back and grow, bringing the trend of livable luxury to the top. That’s because many people have needed to transition over the past year, leading them to rethink less-used spaces in their home and embracing furniture concepts playing double duty. In 2021 and beyond, expect the interior design sector to revolve around expensive fabrics, upholstery, and furniture pieces.

Entertainment Spaces

Staying indoors is the new ‘going out,’ as more individuals remain at their homes most of their days. That’s why many people are more than willing to spend exorbitant amounts in creating dedicated entertainment spaces in the home or changing certain things, such as buying larger TVs, quality sound systems, and a comfortable lounging area. Additionally, dining will change, sparking a greater appreciation for gorgeously designed kitchens, chairs, tables, and kitchenware.

In essence, this trend reflects individuals’ desire to relive outdoor moments, bringing in the atmosphere at home through design.

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Hues

The ‘Pantone color palette consisting of gray and illuminating shades is taking place in global culture—and has made its way to the interior decorating scene. That’s because as society continues to recognize and consider color as a form of communication and a way to symbolize ideas, many interior designers are embracing it and showing their fascination through designs.

You’ll be seeing more grays and more neutral tones in the new decade, adding a sleek and modern vibe to any home.

home decorated with plants

Indoor Plants

There’s been quite a buzz around the topic of sustainability in 2021. What better way to incorporate this growing trend in your home than investing in indoor plants? Indoor trees and smaller plants will continue their ascent into interior decorating and general home design mainstay, perfectly freshening up any home. It can help improve indoor air quality while establishing a natural and calm environment indoors.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plenty of plants aren’t as demanding and can liven up your home without much effort.

Knotted Light Fixtures

It’s no secret that statement light fixtures can bring any place together, and a trend that’s been floating around is using light fixtures with knotted textiles, adding a unique focal point to any room. It’s best to use handblown glass lighting and tying it with a professional knotted rope, making the perfect addition to neutral spaces. That’s because knotted light fixtures offer plenty of natural and organic texture and visual interest while perfectly blending in with a neutral palette while providing a hint of ‘coastal aesthetic.’

Luxe Minimalism

A primary interior home decorating trend homeowners will see for spring is the concept of luxurious or luxe minimalism, celebrating luxury without going overboard. It’s becoming more popular by the day as many individuals are working and learning at home, and incorporating this trend can add a sense of calmness and relaxation in your home. You can do this by investing in decorations, furniture, or decorative accents made from natural materials such as wood, caning, and marble—establishing a peaceful and gorgeous aesthetic inside.

For instance, getting a black forest marble top can perfectly complement a living room while doubling as a ‘daytime’ workstation. When it comes to the natural materials’ color palette, it’s best to go for warm and neutral hues of cream, camel, terracotta, and Ocher.

Like most things, interior design trends are always going in and out of style as peoples’ tastes naturally change—and those mentioned are the latest interior decorating trends dominating 2021 and beyond.

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