Improving Your Starter Home: 3 Upgrades to Consider

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Homeownership isn’t perfect, especially for first-time homeowners. Often, we have to make compromises based on what we can afford for the time being. As a result, some of our wants are pushed to the back burner to accommodate our households’ needs.

If you’re part of the large population that has gone through the same experience, you’ll find comfort in the knowledge that it doesn’t have to remain this way forever. Given enough time, you’ll likely move to a new property or earn enough money to make a few changes to your first home.

Here are some examples that are functional and aesthetically pleasing and will add value to your property.

Hardwood Floors

Every property is unique in that different materials were used to build them. For example, some houses make use of hardwood floors in Salt Lake City, while others have laminate or vinyl. If your home has the latter or perhaps a different material, consider having your flooring upgraded to hardwood.

You may be wary at first since hardwood floors can be a bit pricey, depending on the wood used. However, they’re worthy investments for several reasons. One is customization. When it comes to the finish, you can choose from a handful of colors that will suit the interior design of your home.

After customization, there is durability. Hardwood is known to last for decades and can be refinished numerous times if your flooring becomes damaged throughout the years. Lastly, hardwood is much easier to clean and doesn’t produce allergens, compared to its other popular counterpart: carpets.

Kitchen Upgrades

If you’re uninterested in making floor changes, perhaps you can look at your kitchen. This is the best improvement you can make if your family spends a lot of time cooking and bonding in this space or if you frequently have guests over.

Are you pressed for space? Add a kitchen island if the area permits it. Doing this will give you extra counter space to work with and allow for meals to be taken if you partner it with bar stools.

If you want more breathing room, consider making your kitchen and dining rooms into an open floor plan. The lack of wall divisions opens up the room more, making it appear more spacious than before. Aside from space, you can even replace the appliance that you have if the budget permits it.

DIYFlex Room

Are you planning on a large scale renovation? If so, try adding a flex room into the list of must-haves for your new and improved home. A flex room is much like a guest or spare room, except it has numerous functions – all of which depend on your household’s interests.

Some families create dedicated flex rooms that act as a playroom, library, and office all at once. Integrating a flex room into your house provides your family with more space to work with for less money.

Patio or Deck

Do you enjoy having social gatherings in your home? You’ll probably appreciate having a larger living space to accommodate more guests for your parties and events. Instead of keeping everything indoors, why not enjoy nature by installing a patio or deck in your backyard?

If you’re worried about not being able to use it in case of rain or snow, add-on a glass enclosure or a retractable awning. This way, you’ll have extra space outdoors not only for your parties but also for your family to enjoy when the weather is nice out.
Through your plans for additions or renovations, keep in mind that you should have these plans done by professionals in construction instead of DIY-ing them. Doing so will ensure not only quality but also fewer mistakes and unnecessary expenses.

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