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Importance of Spine Health to Everyday Living

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People nowadays underestimate the strain that everyday routines can exert on a very vital part of the human body—the spine.

According to the World Health Organization, 60 to 70% of adults experience lower back pain. Even the younger generations aged 16 to 34 are showing a rise in back pain and spinal problems.

This health issue is one of the worldwide causes of disability among the working class that limits performance and impacts the general well-being of individuals. Without a healthy spine, even simple tasks like lifting things and walking certain distances can prove to be difficult.

The road to a healthy spine is not complicated as long as you develop certain healthy habits. Try out these pointers to gradually lift the burden off your aching back:

Visit a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are alternative medicine experts on spinal health and neuromuscular disorders. They perform physical therapy and spinal manipulation to manually adjust the position of the spine and its surrounding muscles.

The process is effective for reducing pain and keeping the spine in a proper relaxed position. For people with persistent backaches and spinal problems, a visit would be worth your while. Try looking into experts or clinics in chiropractic care​ in West Jordan or nearby areas.

Observe proper posture.

Sometimes, a small discomfort can take a whole lot of pain down the road. Slouching may feel more comfortable for others compared with sitting up and standing straight. However, it could cause long-term stress on the spine that may even change its physical shape.

A straight posture is important for a straighter spine, so keep your chin up and your chest forward. What’s better is you can enjoy improvements in appearance and confidence by observing a good posture.

Bring your things close to you, not the other way around.

Do you have to lean down to sip on that cup or slouch for that spoonful of cereal? Why do you look down to see the screen of your phone when you can use your hands to bring it to your eye level?

Bringing objects close to your face can reduce a lot of stress on the neck and the spine, saving any unnecessary movement.

Mind what you eat.

This tip is the common ground of all health problems. Simply altering your diet can bring massive changes to your health.

It is a struggle, however, to get well-balanced, non-processed meals complete with the necessary nutrients. Thus, you must take the extra mile and cook your meals instead of buying fast-food.


Keep your body moving.

Are you stuck in a chair for hours on end? That can cause strain to the spine, especially if it happens every day. Help your spine recover by standing up and walking around for one to two minutes for every half hour that you remain sitting.

Exercise, exercise!

Following a workout program can promote better flexibility, strength, and right body proportions. You won’t only obtain a healthy spine but also rock that sexy outfit you’ve been eyeing online.

Say no to heavy bags.

Those heavy backpacks and suitcases are a big no-no. Practice minimalism and only take what you need. Not only would that make it easier for you to move around from place to place, but it can also save your spine a lot of trouble.

Avoid smoking.

Smoking does a lot of harmful things to the whole body, and that includes the spine. It depletes nutrients, causes inflammation, and promotes dehydration. Therefore, ditch the habit while you still can. You may observe astounding health improvements once you let go of this dangerous vice.

A well-functioning spine is indispensable for enjoying life at its fullest. Therefore, be sure not to overlook your spine health. For more information, consult a qualified medical professional.

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