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How to Show Your Car More TLC

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When we speak about vehicle care, prevention is a thousand times better than any cure. The basic care and upkeep of your car are much cheaper than the major repair and other expenses that you will, later on, incur for its neglect. For some reason, many people neglect to perform basic car maintenance.

There are so many ways you can ruin a perfectly working car, and one of the most ordinary forms of neglect you can do is basic maintenance. Very long drive using the exact same spark plug, neglecting oil change, and turning deaf to the loud squeaks made by your vehicle as you brake or the loud clunking sounds can all mean that your car is bound to an early trip to the junkyard. Keeping your car in good condition makes it roadworthy and helps you save money in the long run. For your car’s TLC, here are some things that you should do:

Regular Car Maintenance and Checks

Many cars use fluids for radiator coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid, battery electrolyte fluid, windscreen washer, and more. Be sure to have your car regularly maintained and check if all these are properly supplied in your car to ensure that it will run smoothly and serve you for long.

Frequent Car Washing

You have to clean your car inside and out. The vehicle needs periodic cleaning as well. The car’s exterior must be washed as often as possible. If you park your car under trees, there are some bird or bat droppings that can go into your car and ruin its paint job. A very untidy car interior can also attract pests and roaches, so make sure that you have it cleaned.

Car Tint

The right car tint for your vehicle will have to depend on your preference. It is a personal thing. You will know you are choosing the right one if it matches your needs and preferences. You can choose from the metallic, ceramic, and hybrid tint variants for your car.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Another attention that you can give your car is to apply some fresh coat to it. You will surely need more than just paint for it. You will need basic tools such as wet and dry sandpaper, masking tape, an air compressor, a spray gun, an electric sander, safety glasses, and paint thinners. You can use these to touch up some parts of your car that needs some attention. If you are not a handyman, you can check with an expert or use automotive paint protection film in Arizona for a new paint job.

Polished Hardware and Tires

man polishing his carYour hardware needs periodic cleaning and polishing. You want to keep the metal parts and hardware of your cars cleaned to a sparkling hue to keep its brand-new appeal. You can use tire black to have your tires polished and looking new, too. You can purchase these at the local hardware store.

While there is some maintenance stuff that can be best left to a professional, if you do not have the budget to do so, you can do some regular maintenance done in the comfort of your home. It will take very common equipment, a few minutes of your time, and know-how, and you will save tons of money for car care and maintenance.

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