How to Maintain a Sanitary Storage Space

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The bathroom is an area in the house that harbors a lot of germs and bacteria. It is important to always keep it clean and organized to avoid catching diseases from organisms like mold and mildew. It is advisable to clean it once or twice a week with detergent or multipurpose cleaner. Separate the stuff that needs to be kept dry and best to keep them inside storage devices such as cabinets built around the house. For example, in a bathroom, they are used as places where you put things like toothbrushes, toilet paper, facial moisturizer, contact solutions, hairdryer, and towels. Shelves will do, but you have to keep them cleaned regularly because they are usually open which means they can easily get dirt and germs.

You have to be vigilant about keeping your storage spaces clean. It is important because your family’s health will depend on it.

Combat Against Moisture

Fungal organisms like mold thrive in moist places, most especially the bathroom. You need to keep your walls and floors dry if you do not want to have them around. One thing you can do is keep a small towel handy so you wipe the counter dry. Make sure the lids or covers of bottles or liquid containers are tightly closed to prevent them from spilling. Likewise, avoid leaving opened sachets stuff like shampoos and facial moisturizers for they could also contribute to the dampness of surfaces.

Using dehydrating products like silica gel packets are effective in absorbing moisture even in the darkest corners of your house. For added measure, if you have cabinets or drawers near faucets, make sure to shut them tight so water does not leak inside them.

Keeping Pests Away

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One benefit of putting stuff inside containers is that can keep pests away. Insects and other bugs will have a hard time getting through them, so make sure you keep everything airtight. Leaving even a slight opening will attract them. The next thing you know, they have already made it their breeding ground.

If your household finds itself always throwing out food leftovers, you have to reassess how you allocate your supplies. Think about reducing the dishes you cook or make use of containers that you can put in the fridge so you can eat those again the next day. The smell of food will attract insects like flies and cockroaches. That can even entice larger pests like mice and rats, and you do not want to have them around because they can carry dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis.

Reduce Clutter

Another way to keep your storage clean is to avoid any form of clutter. For starters, start to categorize the things that you have before putting them somewhere. You can reserve a drawer space for towels and electric devices like hair dryers. If you have any stuff that you have not touched for years and do not carry any sort of sentimental value, throwing them away should not be a problem.

Consumables in the bathroom like facial foams and shaving creams should not be left in cabinets or drawers for too long. Always check on their expiry dates as they will be useless if used way past them. It sounds basic, but there are a lot of people who seem to forget disposing of them. Their bulky containers take up precious space that can be used by more important items.

Clean up now and then, and stop hoarding stuff. Only keep the ones you actively use or consume until your next grocery or shopping date arrives. If you have fewer things that you have to manage, that would make everything easier to clean.

The above-mentioned things are easy to incorporate into your life habits. Doing these will make your storage spaces well-maintained. Keeping them clean will not only be beneficial for you and your family’s health but it can also extend their lifespan.

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