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How to Look Great and Stay on Trend

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  • Invest in quality basics, including a classic white button-up shirt, an everyday blazer, dark wash jeans, and neutral shoes. 
  • Use accessories like printed scarves and statement jewelry to take any outfit from drab to fab. 
  • Maintain good oral health for a radiant smile; this includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash twice daily. 
  • Stay hydrated and drink eight glasses of water daily for healthy lips to avoid cracked and dry lips. 

Being fashionable doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, there are plenty of easy ways to keep your style clean and trendy. Whoever you are, it’s important to put thought into your wardrobe, so you don’t blend in with the crowd. To help you stay on top of the latest trends, here are some simple tips for keeping your style looking sharp.

Invest in Quality Basics

The best way to start building the foundation of any outfit is by investing in quality basics. This means buying items that will last longer, like the following:

A Classic White Button-Up Shirt

You won’t go wrong with a classic white oxford shirt. You can pair it with almost anything and dress it up or down. A quality button-up shirt should be made of breathable cotton or linen and should fit you well, so it doesn’t look sloppy.

An Everyday Blazer

A blazer is a versatile piece that instantly gives any outfit a polished look. Whether you go for the traditional tailored fit or choose something more modern with oversized shoulders and cuffs, make sure the color matches your wardrobe. A good piece is a well-fitted black blazer that goes well with jeans, skirts, and dresses of any color.

Dark Wash Jeans

Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, so finding the right pair for your body type is important. Dark-wash denim will go with almost anything and won’t get dirty over time. Look for jeans that fit your waistline without having to be pulled up constantly. A good rule to remember is to buy jeans that hug your hips and stop just above the ankles.

Neutral Shoes

A great pair of shoes will complete any outfit. Classic sneakers or loafers are always a safe bet when you don’t know what else to wear. Neutral colors like black, white, and tan will go with virtually anything in your wardrobe and will always look stylish. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing and matching your shoes with unexpected colors or textures for a unique look.

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Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can take any look from drab to fab! From scarves and hats to jewelry and sunglasses, accessories are easy to add interest to an outfit without buying a whole new one. Here are ways to optimize your accessories:

Add Printed Scarf

If you’re going for a more casual look but want something that stands out, try adding a printed scarf. A print such as a floral, geometric, or animal will instantly draw attention to your outfit and give it an unexpected twist. Pay attention to the color; it should be the same or in the same family as other colors in your outfit. If you’re on the adventurous side, try mixing and matching prints or colors to create a unique look.

Add Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is the perfect way to make your outfit more interesting and personal. Pick pieces that will draw attention to your face, like earrings or a pendant necklace that can be seen even when wearing a shirt with a high neckline. Don’t go overboard; one piece should be enough for any outfit.

Pair it with a Smile

No matter how good your fashion is, it won’t have the same effect if you don’t wear it with confidence and a smile. When you feel good about your outfit, it’ll show in how you carry yourself. To ensure that you have the best smile, here are things you can do:

Take Care of Your Teeth

A woman in the dental clinic having her regular checkup

Maintaining good oral health is essential for every person. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day, and use mouthwash to eliminate any germs that are still lingering in your mouth. Additionally, visiting the best dental clinic every six months is important to get a professional cleaning, prevent potential dental issues, and maintain a healthy, radiant smile.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin looking radiant and healthy. Not only does it help flush out toxins, but it also keeps your lips hydrated so you can avoid cracked and dry lips. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily, and you’ll look your best in no time!

With the right fashion basics, accessories, and attitude, you’ll easily be able to look great and stay on trend. Don’t shy away from making bold fashion choices because it’s the best way to create your unique style. So go ahead, try something new, and watch heads turn as you walk by.

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