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Housekeeping 101: How to Make Your Home a Healthier Place

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of making your house healthier? The usual answers include significant lifestyle changes, property renovation, and expensive air filtration systems. If you can make all of these happen, good for you.

If not, all hope is not lost. Simply follow the housekeeping tips below, and you’ll be steps closer to turning your home into a healthier and safer place to live in:

Go for a Natural Garden

Did you know that native plants can ward off pollutants and pests? This means that when you go natural with gardening and landscaping at your home, you will rely less on pesticides and fertilizers, which pose health risks.

If you need these substances to grow your veggies and flowers, make sure to leave your shoes outside and shower after garden time. You wouldn’t want to take all those harmful chemicals inside your home with you. Also, separate your garden clothes from other laundry.

Mold Growth Isn’t Fun, So Run the Fan

When you’re taking a bath, water isn’t the only thing that should be running. Turn on the bathroom exhaust fan as well and leave it so for 20 minutes after you shower. Its job is to suck the moisture out of the room, getting rid of the moist, humid air that mildew loves so much.

Just make sure to turn the fan off to save energy. If you’re the forgetful type, like most of us, installing a fan timer is the way to go.

Bust the Dust

Vacuuming isn’t something one would get excited about. Doing this menial task, however, helps you get rid of potential allergens and pathogens in your home and save you and your family from a plethora of diseases.

You don’t know what toxins are lurking in your carpet, but you surely wouldn’t want to breathe them in. A dust buildup is home to dust mites, which are microscopic, asthma-inducing allergens. Even healthy people can have asthma when exposed to these pesky creatures. So just imagine how much worse it would be for those who already have histories of respiratory illnesses.

Take note, though, that dusting and vacuuming are preventive measures. If dust mites or other unwelcome guests are already taking control over your house, it’s better to let a pest control company in Irvine handle the situation. The job requires more than a vacuum and isn’t for the faint of heart.

Let Fresh Air In

opening the window

Believe it or not, opening a window or two makes a world of difference when it comes to making your home healthy. It’s because natural ventilation allows air exchange, exhausting the stale air and bringing in the fresh.

The best time to open up your home is during mild weather when the temperature is tolerable. Do this when you’re cleaning as well so that dust and dirt won’t get trapped in your place.

Clean the Unusual Suspects

Ironically, the things we use to clean can serve as bacteria hotbeds. So after you wipe down the countertops, toss the sponge into the dishwasher to disinfect it. Whatever happens, don’t use the microwave to sanitize your sponges, as it can cause a fire.

Rinsing mops and brushes after use is also essential to thoroughly remove dirt. Air-dry these cleaning supplies to prevent mold growth.

Making your home healthier for yourself and your family does not have to give you a headache or poke a hole in your wallet. As shown above, there are easy ways to do it. With creativity, research, and hard work, you can turn your house into a safer, healthier place in no time.

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