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Home Makeover: Improving 4 Sections of Your Home

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Don’t you feel relaxed in your own bedroom anymore? Does your living room seem dull and uninviting? Do you ever feel like your kitchen is too small? Does your backyard seem like a waste of space? Well, if you answer ‘yes’ to even just one of these questions, then it’s time to consider a home makeover.

No need to panic, though. While it can be something big that it’ll require you to hire a licensed general contractor, a home improvement project can also be something as simple as moving some furniture pieces around. Take a look at some helpful tips for giving particular areas of your house a makeover.


Your bedroom is the one part of your house where you should feel the most relaxed and comfortable. But what if your room doesn’t make you feel this way anymore? Well, the first thing you need to do is to tidy up your room! Maybe there are all sorts of stuff you don’t actually use lying around, so put them away and straighten out your room. Then, bring out the interior decorator in you and make your room more inviting and pleasing to look at.

For one, you can mix and match curtains to bring more color to your room. Instead of just having plain gray curtains, throw in some patterned curtains in a lighter shade of gray. You can also add decorative pieces to your room. A colorful abstract painting and a cozy rug, for instance, will make for wonderful additions.

Living room

What your bedroom does for you should be what the living room does for your family. So it goes without saying that your living room must also be relaxing and comfortable. Try rearranging the furniture pieces to give your living room a new look. If your sofa is positioned in front of a window, for example, you can move and place it across the window, so anyone sitting on the sofa will get a nice view of what’s outside the window.

Then, you can add round ottomans or bean bag chairs to provide more seating in your living room. Just place them close enough to the sofa to encourage conversations. Next, bring in some elements that can soothe the senses. An indoor water fountain, for instance, will be relaxing to the eyes and ears, while an air purifier and essential oil diffuser combo will satisfy the sense of smell.


kitchen remodel

Once in a while, your kitchen may also need a makeover to make it more functional. And a good time to do this is when you feel like your kitchen is getting too small. With all the kitchen appliances and tools you’ve bought over the years, your kitchen may seem small now to you. If this is the case, maybe you’re just short on storage and workspace.

One way to solve this is by adding a kitchen island, giving you another work area, extra cupboards, or even a second sink. But if space is really the issue and not just the clutter, then you may have to take on a kitchen remodeling or extension project. With remodeling, a better layout and space-saving fixtures will make your kitchen more spacious. An extension usually involves eating up some garden space or dead outdoor space on your property.


Nowadays, not everyone’s lucky enough to have an open outdoor space like a backyard at home. So if you’ve got one, don’t let it go to waste. Start growing plants and turn your backyard into a flower, fruit, and vegetable garden. Your backyard can also be a place for sports activities. Who wouldn’t want to have a basketball hoop, a soccer or hockey goal, or an above-ground pool at their own home?

If your family loves grilled food, then why not turn a portion of your backyard into a grilling and dining area so that you can have a cookout every weekend? Or you can use your backyard as a place to relax. Simply placing a couple of benches or a hammock (hanging or freestanding) in the shade of a tree can already make your backyard a great place for relaxation.

Improve Your Home

Your home is the place where you rest, recharge, and spend time with your family. So even if only one of its areas no longer feels relaxing, comfortable, inviting, or functional to you, it’s best to take on a home improvement project. It doesn’t actually matter how big or small the project is. What’s important is that the makeover makes you feel again that there’s really no place like home.

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