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Home Maintenance You Should Do Before Summer

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Summer is once again upon us. There is enough time before it fully arrives to enact some preparatory measures to make sure our home is ready for the season. Doing so can help us enjoy all that summer brings without the hassle of negligence nagging at our backs. Here are some of the most important maintenance activities you should be doing in anticipation of the summer season ahead.

  • Examine your roof for leaks and wear

Ask any roof repair service provider, and you’ll hear that most homeowners don’t check their roofs for wear, hence the need for a repair when the damage is extensive. Debris and the ravishes of weather changes plus time have its toll on your roofing, so it’s essential to check some core parts of it when cleaning it up.

First, check the gutters for any clogging or cracks. Then you can move on to the whole roof. Do you have missing shingles? Are there poorly installed areas? Experts have noted that some of the most common roof issues are due to moisture, bad wind resistance, lack of maintenance, accumulated pools of water, and general erosion of materials. You should check out any growing problems that there may be and prevent more, especially since your roof serves your family and home’s shield.

  • Unclog your drainage


Aside from your rain gutters, check any floor drains both inside your home and by your curbside. Not only can clogging affect the performance of your plumbing and water flow, but it can also lead to sanitary issues and even flooding. Studies have shown that each home generates 15 to 20 liters a day in sullage, which is waste from sinks, showers, and baths. That doesn’t even include the toilet.

These are simple tasks that should be done throughout the year. But it’s good to get them out of the way so that you can enjoy the summer and not worry about the possibility of floods, which have been noted as one of the most common natural disasters in the summer.

  • Inspect your air-conditioning

It is the season where your AC will be doing the brunt of its work, cooling your entire home and keeping it comfortable as temperatures rise. According to Consumer Reports, the most common AC problems are dirty or clogged air filters, air leaks from poor installation or wear, busted internal components, and a malfunctioning thermostat.

The first thing to do is to check the surroundings that could be blocking your unit and impeding its airflow. Next is to see if there are any malfunctions within the AC system itself. From there, it’s about hoping you don’t need a complete replacement. If everything is in order, it’s about preventative maintenance so that you can stay cool for the summer.

Doing these things should be a part of your pre-summer checklist as much as planning those vacations and get-togethers. When you’re prepared for the season, you can enjoy whatever your plans are without any hassles setting you back and keeping you from having a fun time.

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