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Holding Birthday Parties in the Pandemic

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Events and parties are a little more challenging, especially during the pandemic. With social distancing and safety regulations still up, and because many people still feel wary about being in crowded places, it’s hard to feel hopeful setting up events, especially birthday parties, right now. However, this doesn’t mean you should cancel your child’s birthday party. It’s one of those crucial moments in a child’s developmental years; something they would remember as they grow up.

Making a birthday celebration special for your child used to entail hiring an organizer, having to rent a party venue, or hosting a backyard party with lots of food and people. Now that we have some restrictions, your creative juices might be stifled. But you can still make your child’s day memorable and you can still make your creativity flow full blast.

Whether you choose to have a birthday party with just the immediate family or if you are considering inviting a few select people to join you, here are some things you can keep in mind to ensure the party is fun, successful, and safe.

Safety First

Before anything, think about everyone’s safety. If you are going to invite people, choose only a handful -those who the celebrant would have great fun with, and make sure you have enough space to practice social distancing. The use of disposable plates, cups, and cutlery is better so they go straight to the trash after use. Also, have a sanitizer by your front door for your guests.

Still Think About Your Budget

Just because you will be staying home for the party, does not mean you’re going to skimp so much. Have a set budget and decide what you can spend more for, and which aspects you can be more economical. For example, some people choose to spend a lot on backdrops or yard signs for picture taking, and some decide that spending more on the cake and menu is more worth it. In the end, it’s all up to you as parents to allot the money; just make sure you are planning for your child -it’s their party, after all.

Party Giveaways and Loot Bags

Giveaways are a nice and sweet gesture to thank the people who will attend your party. When choosing your giveaways, think of the theme of your party and match them. Of course, you can always just make your own, but if you are pressed for time, that would definitely be a daunting task. If you search online for craftspeople and gift shops, there will be a ton of options, so choosing the one that would be perfect for you isn’t impossible.

You can even buy from gift shops in your local area. Not only will you be supporting local merchants, but it will also be easier to talk with the craftspeople to make sure you get a personalized giveaway package for your guests.

Whatever party favors you decide on, you can let your kid give their insights to make it personal. Designs with their favorite character or hobby are an easy choice. You can also opt for items like hand sanitizers or other non-junk loot bags for a more practical approach.

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Drive-By Parades

One birthday party trend that’s really neat is a drive-by parade. Basically, your guests will drive by the front of your house and greet your kid from their car. This is a good way to practice social distancing while also still making your child’s day special. You can have guests drop off their gifts, play fun kid-friendly songs, and even tie a birthday greeting banner to their car.

Virtual Party

Especially for family members who are far away from you, having a Zoom party so they can celebrate with you is a great idea. You may not be together physically, but with the help of technology, you can still talk with each other and they would have the opportunity to personally greet the celebrant live. You can also send them party favors in advance, so they can show it on video on the day and it will feel like they are also with you.

Kids these days are so tech-savvy, a TikTok booth or a trendy backdrop for them to post on social media is going to be very well received if your kid is in their teens. If your birthday celebrant is too young, you can still set up a great backdrop for picture taking, so you’d have something for keeps for years to come.

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