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Turn Your Quarantine into Something Productive

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Feeling a little bummed out because of the pandemic? You’re not the only one. In most of the world,
people are confined in their homes, trying to juggle household chores between zoom meetings. At
this point, everyone’s definitely feeling the fatigue.

But it doesn’t have to be all that bad. For some, the time spent being out and about was used to
rekindle and reconnect with their loved ones. Some even had a serendipitous return to their old
passions and hobbies. Whether playing your old guitar or finally writing that manuscript, this time had
allowed us to zero in on the things that really matter to us.

We can even go beyond that. Our lives do not have to go on a halt and succumb to binging every
Netflix movie or series. There is still more to do than if you explore outside of your comfort zones! It’s
just a matter of willingness to put in the effort and the kind of interests that you’d want to invest in. If
you’re feeling adventurous, try out some of these wonderful activities that might pique your interest.

Learn First Aid

What the pandemic has made us all realize is the importance of health. We’ll never know when an
emergency may hit us. And knowing what to do in emergencies is always a plus. In that case, you may
want to learn first aid response like Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External
Defibrillator (AED). These skills will come in handy at any moment. Good thing there’s a lot of online that
gives online CPR and AED training. It is the perfect time to add another skill that might come in handy for
the future.

Knowing how to respond to emergencies at this time will do a lot of help, especially in emergencies and
tight situations. You’ll never when that skill is going to be handy. It is also doing a little favor for our
health care workers who are currently overwhelmed by this pandemic.

Find Mindfulness Through Yoga

Looking for inner peace in these troubling times? Maybe it’s time to hit the mat and learn yoga! With all
the chaos and uncertainty happening around us, it’s natural to feel fatigued and unbalanced. It is
important to feel grounded and at peace. And because of the lockdowns, a lot has turned to yoga to
keep them sane.

Practicing yoga is not only doing poses and stretching. It also demands mental fortitude and discipline.
Keeping yourself at the moment and focusing on what’s at hand. The breathing and mental discipline
that yoga employs help a lot with the uncertainty of the time.

Tap into Your Creativity

The lockdown had most of us tap into our creatives side like never before. Some started learning
instruments like guitar or ukulele while others unleashed their thoughts through artistic expressions.
But if you are looking for more unconventional activities to channel your creativity, perhaps you’ll enjoy
pottery making!

For those who love creating things, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing clay take shape and form.
And you, the artist, can mold it into what form you wish it to be. Starting your pottery making will not
require much time or even resources. Just with a handful of materials like clay, you can start creating
teacups and pots. Then you can even move to bigger and more challenging stuff. And who knows, you
may start this little hobby and grow it to be an enterprise. Hangout on YouTube to see some content
creators share their experience with pottery making!

coding laptop

Learn to code!

If you are leaning more towards the analytical, perhaps you’ll enjoy activities that will work on the left
side of the brain. Information technology is the way forward to the world. One of the things that the
pandemic has done is speeding up the world’s transition to embracing technology. This an
opportunity to go digital and explore the extent of IoT. Knowing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would prove useful and will give you an edge. You may have dabbled a little bit in HTML when you were writing blogs
for WordPress or Tumblr. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. This is going to be highly useful
moving forward in this time of pandemic!

Staying optimistic at this time can be difficult. Soon (although indefinitely), we’ll be able to enjoy the
activities we used to enjoy, especially outdoor adrenaline-inducing activities. But for now, keep yourself
grounded by discovering or re-discovering passions that had been lost for a while.

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