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Health, Beauty, and Fashion: Analyzing Society’s Standards

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Fashion is defined as a famous trend that could be manifested by the clothes you wear or the behaviors you present to the world. In society, fashion has always made people think of ways to get in style so that they could meet particular standards that change from season to season. Being fashionable means incorporating creativity and style with the latest trends. Many people have associated fashion as a means of communicating who they are as individuals in this world.

Being fashionable means aligning your clothing style, physical appearance, and behaviors with the trends in society. For example, if getting bangs for women became a trend, many women would be willing to change their hairstyles to accommodate bangs because it is the latest trend. People use fashion to guide their choices, especially in terms of how they look. However, fashion is not merely about choosing beautiful clothes and changing your hairstyle. Fashion is also about beauty and health. Read on to learn more about how these factors relate to fashion.

Beauty and Health in Fashion

Beauty is associated with pleasing a person’s aesthetic senses, but beauty is mostly about pleasing a person’s sight. Different people have different perceptions of what passes as beautiful. Since people have different preferences, it comes as no surprise that beauty comes with many standards. However, society has set extravagant standards for beauty. For instance, women who are skinny, tall, and have perfect bodies were considered the only definition of beauty for some time. As the world evolved, standards of beauty have changed to accommodate imperfections in every person.

For instance, models showcased on media and the Internet had to fit stringent standards for beauty. They had to be skinny enough, have the right complexion, have the right height, and have perfect teeth. Those who did not meet these strict standards would resort to any means to fit in. Many models have had cosmetic surgeries, and a lot of them have also invested in services like dental implants and veneers to make their teeth look more beautiful. After all, they wouldn’t have the confidence to smile perfectly in front of numerous cameras if their bodies do not look right or if their teeth are crooked and damaged.

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As a result of standards like these, many people have learned to hate their bodies just because they do not fit society’s definition of beauty. People have started starving themselves to gain the ideal weight, work very hard to earn money for plastic surgery, and even invest money in different cosmetic procedures to get the perfect look that would be accepted in society. For a time, fashion and beauty have created so much pressure on people that many of them faced serious health problems because of their desire to meet society’s standards.

As more people raised their concerns about how society’s standards affect people’s physical and mental well-being, fashion gradually changed. At present, society’s standards have accommodated changes in the definition of what is beautiful and acceptable in fashion. Plus-size models, women of color, and women who show their imperfections, such as stretch marks after giving birth, are now being celebrated by the fashion industry.

Even though there is still a long way to go to erase the extravagant standards of society, fashion has taken a huge step towards accepting people as they are. This has helped people accept their flaws more openly so that they would no longer have to make significant changes to how they look to fit in. This also eradicates the health risks that accompany these changes or sacrifices, as some people would call them.

Self-perception Matters

Instead of focusing on how society wants you to look, you can start focusing on how you perceive yourself so that you will learn to accept all your flaws and imperfections. Being imperfect does not mean that you will no longer be acceptable. Every person is unique, and uniqueness should be celebrated. Yes, society has set particular standards for beauty. However, society’s definition of beauty is mostly superficial. The only thing that should matter is self-acceptance. Accepting your flaws will help make you feel more beautiful because each person is beautiful in unique ways.

Redefining Standards

Society’s standards have put too much pressure on people around the world. However, fashion, beauty, and health have gradually accommodated changes that allowed people to celebrate their flaws and imperfections. Redefining society’s standards will help pave the way towards building a better society for people. In the future, people would no longer have to compare themselves to others to gain a sense of acceptance. Self-acceptance is enough, and it should be the only thing that matters for people.

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